India is in between stage 2 and 3 of COVID-19 outbreak

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 April 2020 9:38 AM GMT
India is in between stage 2 and 3 of COVID-19 outbreak

Hyderabad: India is placed between Stage 2 and Stage 3 said AIIMS Director, Dr Randeep Guleria, also stating that many areas have turned contaminated zones as community transmission may have just begun. 'We need to be more careful from now. Our situation when compared to the other countries is way better as the testing facilities in the India is increasing, he adds.

Batting for Lockdown as one of the important measure to fight Coronavirus, the Director appeals people to follow travel restrictions strictly. 'We can only overcome this situation when we stay home and practice social distancing. We are at present, somewhere between Stage 2 and Stage 3. Mostly in Stage 2. The spread is controlled in many places except for the hotspots, Dr Gulleria said.

According to reports, In few areas of Mumbai and other states, the spread has become local and public. These areas should be considered as the example and preacutionay measures should be taken, say experts. The rise in the number of cases is also linked to to the Tablighi Jamath incident. The head of AIIMS appeals to people who have participated in the religious meeting quarantine to report to the government . 'The public must also be helpful to the doctors who are fighting the virus. This is no less than a battle. There will be a clarity on the extension of the lockdown only after April 10. Things will take time to get back to normal . If the virus is limited to people who have been to coronavirus infected countries and people who were in contact with these people, this will be called the second stage. If the reason behind being infected with the virus is not known, it is called the community transmission or the Third stage, he said.

In addition to the claim, Luv Agarwal, Joint secretary, Health Ministry explained , " Whatever Dr Randeep Guleria has said about the community spread in few of the areas is nothing different from what we have been saying. He spoke about Localised community transmission, which means the spread of the virus and the number of cases is more in a particular area. We have also come up with the 'Cluster Containment strategy' which will contain the disease within a defined geographical area by early detection. If the number of cases are more, the strategy would be much more proactive. If in case there is any community transmission, the nation should be alert. We should make sure that we don't move towards the third stage. We have particular strategies ready if the spread of the virus is more in some areas. We will work accordingly, he added.

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