18th Lok Sabha’s first session: For the first time, a resurgent Opposition makes PM Modi restive

`Mujhe acha laga' says PM Modi in Parliament as the Opposition jugalbandi makes him uncomfortable in the first session of 18th Lok Sabha

By Kaniza Garari  Published on  3 July 2024 6:05 AM GMT
18th Lok Sabha’s first session: For the first time, a resurgent Opposition makes PM Modi restive

Hyderabad: Why did the Opposition taunt Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the first session of the 18th Lok Sabha?

PM Modi’s reply to the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address stretched for 2 hours and 17 minutes. During this time, the Opposition heckled, taunted, and ridiculed Modi.

Opposition MPs were chanting all the time in the well of the House. When male MPs were lowering their voice, their female counterparts were making up for them to keep the momentum going. This chorus was unrelenting and PM Modi’s body language depicted that he was feeling uncomfortable.

Why was this done?

Observers say that ten years of angst of Opposition was showcased to PM Modi during this speech. It was also a message to PM Modi directly that his words will not be taken lying down. A constant chorus depicted a pattern where words like “Prime Minister sharm karo”, and “Jhoot bole, kava kate” followed a rhythm to the references in his speech.

PM Modi spoke at Congress, Baal Budhi.

During his speech on Congress and Baal Budhi, it became clear that the heckling was not going to stop. The cameras of SANSAD TV didn’t show Opposition members but the NDA MP’s faces which came up showed that they too were amazed.

While most of the NDA MPs watched the Opposition and the Speaker chided them from time to time, it became clear that they were not going to stop. The only time the House observed silence was during the mention of Hathras stampede in Uttar Pradesh.

Mujhe acha laga, says PM

While PM Modi maintained a brave face and put up a show, he was agitated over the disregard shown to him. His words showed that he wanted to project that he was unfazed by the constant chorus in the House but that was not so. Lok Sabha was adjourned sine dine.

The discussions on NEET which is a prime concern were not addressed by PM Modi in his speech. This is being seen as a lacuna by many as students are upset and most of them are also those who have voted for the BJP.

Parliament proceedings

Parliament proceedings are now going to see a change where the BJP will work on a strategy to control the Opposition and the latter to bring them to discuss ‘people’s issues’.

‘People’s issues’ of price rise, increasing household debts, unemployment, farmers, and defense forces continue to be subjects which are concerning them.

Add to this, is the collapsing infrastructure on newly constructed highways, train accidents, canopy collapse at airports, and others which is adding to the woes of people.

These facts and visuals cannot be hidden and will be raised from time to time by the Opposition. When they raise, they would want the ruling dispensation to debate and discuss and if they don’t it will send a message directly to people.

Silence on Manipur

The silence on Manipur is one of the most disturbing facts and there is no discussion to date and the Opposition will raise Manipur all the time. It is one issue that will haunt NDA in all Parliament proceedings and till an effective measure is taken in that state, the Opposition is not going to allow NDA to forget it.

Take away from the first session

It will be a long haul for the Opposition to make PM Modi respond to them. Breaking his silence will not be easy but what will people want to see is how the Opposition finally makes him relent. It is going to be a one-man target set for them as confronting and taking on Modi only will make people believe that the Opposition has done its job well.

The road ahead is not going to be easy for PM Modi but for the Opposition, there will be political traps, and beneficiary carrots to disintegrate and break them.

The fear of the Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigation, arrests, and jail is now not going to bother the Opposition. What will bother them is keeping all of them together as they fought the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

Cracks in the Opposition are what the NDA will work upon and that is where they all will have to watch their back.

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