Dubbaka bi-election result is a big slap on KCR's face:Congress

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 Nov 2020 5:15 AM GMT
Dubbaka bi-election result is a big slap on KCRs face:Congress

Hyderabad, November 10: AICC Spokesperson Dr. Sravan Dasoju described the victory of the BJP candidate in the Dubbaka bi-election as a big slap on KCR's face.

He thanked the Dubbaka voters who have taught a great lesson to the arrogant chief minister who is trying to suck the blood of the people like a leech in the name of LRS.

The senior Congress leader hoped that this should be an eye-opener for the ruling TRS party which would at least realize the fact that the people of Telangana are hesitating KCR's unilateral policies. He asked KCR to open his eyes and realize the fact that the people are no more interested in his rule.

Despite resorting to unethical political practices, misusing power, distributing cash and liquor, threatening opposite party cadres, using revenue department and police force, TRS couldn't succeed because voters dumped the pink party into the drain, Dr. Sravan said.

He slammed KCR for not coming to the rescue of the flood-hit people of Hyderabad and the farmers whose crops have been damaged due to the incessant rains.

"Dubbaka people have dealt a major blow to TRS party candidate in the by-elections. They have slapped chief minister KCR for forcibly taking over their lands for the Mallanna Sagar reservoir. They have slapped him for introducing controlled agriculture policies. They have slapped him for not purchasing their produce (Maize) and finally, they have slapped him for neglecting the Dubbaka constituency. This comes at a time when the government is spending huge money for the development of Siddipet and Gagwel constituencies", Dr. Sravan said.

Dr. Sravan Dasoju congratulated Raghunandan Rao for his well-deserved victory. He said people have voted for Raghunandan and not the BJP party and a sympathy factor also helped him a lot.

The senior Congress leader also pointed out that mistakes committed by the TRS party contributed to the victory of the BJP candidate. "The significant vote share of the TRS party has been shifted to BJP. Raghunandan Rao's cars have been attacked and his father-in-law's house was raided. BJP Telangana President and MP Bandi Sanjay were attacked by the police. Pro TRS media and social media groups have highlighted all that stuff. So, all these provocative activities must have helped in favor of Raghunandan than TRS", Dr. Sravan said.

He said TRS high command is playing a mind game by projecting Harish Rao as a weak person

AICC spokesperson has asked party cadres not to be disappointed as they fought like soldiers. He asked them to strive till KCR steps down and make Telangana free from the clutches of the Kalvakuntla family.

He said that the Congress party has increased votes from 20,000 to 22,000 during this election which is a positive sign and their candidate Srinivas Reddy seemed at one point in time was leading. However, the TRS party spoiled his victory chances by circulating morphed videos, he said.

The AICC leader clarified that they will review the reasons for the defeat and under the leadership of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, and Mr. Manickam Tagore. Te Congress party will continue to fight to protect the constitution and democracy in the state and the country, he said.

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