Opinion: Congress all set to form government in Karnataka, thanks to prayers of farmers, youth

Talking to some political observers and experts, Congress is all set to come back to power in Karnataka in 2023 with 125+ seats

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 April 2023 5:34 AM GMT
DK Shiva Kumar greets Siddaramaiah after he joins Congress

Congress party has been in power in Karnataka several times in the past and has implemented various policies and initiatives during its tenure, including infrastructure development, educational reform, and social welfare programs.

However, the effectiveness and success of their governance are great evidence of strong leadership, good governance, transparency, accountability, and work toward the betterment of the community and the country as a whole, by implementing effective policies and initiatives.

As everyone has observed, the Life of the common man in a Congress-ruled state is democratically been very impactful. For instance:

1. The Price hike is in control to support common people.

2. Local and state representatives are given freedom and power and less interference from the high command which enables them to resolve local issues fast and efficiently.

3. Brotherhood and positive vibes coexist.

4. Law and order are maintained.

5. Importance was given to all communities.

In contrast, the Life of a common man in BJP ruled state is been a great agony facing many disadvantages like:

1. High prices on commodities.

2. Commissions (40% in Karnataka).

3. No power for the local and state representatives. All the power is retained by the high command.

4. Communal and negative vibes.

5. Law and Order issues and so on.

6. BJP's Hindutva ideology has been a major point of contention, with some seeing it as a threat to India's secular nature.

7. Accused of using polarizing politics to win votes, which has created divisions in Indian society and caused unrest.

8. Accused of corruption, including corruption related to the 2G spectrum scam and the Vyapam scam.

9. Highly criticized for its poor record on human rights, including its treatment of minorities and its opposition to LGBT rights.

10. BJP has been accused of not being inclusive enough and of not offering enough opportunities to traditionally marginalized groups.

As proof, we can see hundreds of resignations by the BJP leaders and joining Congress. Former CM Jagdish Shettar and former Deputy CM Lakshman Savadi are a few to be named.

Talking to some political observers and experts, Congress is all set to come back to power in Karnataka in 2023 with 125+ seats.

Lakhs of farmers, unemployed youth, price-hit common people, oppressed communities, and wise decision-making citizens are all praying for Congress. Congress will give equal consideration to all the communities by allocating the relevant portfolios in the ministry and empowering the communities by making their leaders deputy chief ministers. This step shall boost their growth and empower them to prosper in all fields like education, art, employment, trade, etc. That will be the true development of the state and the nation.

To top it all, Congress has promised to provide:

1. Gruha Lakshmi - Rs 2000 per month to every woman head of the household.

2. Gruha Jyoti - 200 units of free electricity per month to every household.

3. Anna Bhagya - 10 kg rice per month free for BPL families.

4. Yuva Nidhi - Rs 3000 per month to unemployed graduates.

These provisional vital things will play a vital role to gain people’s confidence and Congress’s win in the election will certainly have a huge impact on Indian National Congress throughout the country to fight BJP in the 2024 elections.

In conclusion, it is quite obvious that Congress with its wonderful democratic good governance rule for public services and greater economic growth is all set to come back to power in Karnataka in 2023 with 125+ seats.

Ee sala karnatakadalli Cong

About Author-

Zakir Hussain, the writer is the State General Secretary of the National Students' Union of India (NSUI), Karnataka. The views are his own.

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