Opinion: `Fraudulent GHMC election destroyed spirit of constitution, democracy'

Despite being in power for the last 6 years, the ruling TRS has made our historic, beautiful and global Hyderabad into a garbage city.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  7 Dec 2020 5:32 AM GMT
Opinion: `Fraudulent GHMC election destroyed spirit of constitution, democracy

Hyderabad: Despite being in power for the last 6 years, the ruling TRS has made our historic, beautiful and global Hyderabad into a garbage city. TRS party working president and the Municipal Administration Minister KTR many times promised to lift the image of this city and offered to pay Rs 1000 per pothole, if anybody can find it out in Hyderabad. All those promises have been dumped in the floods and the city of pearls remained unchanged with the monarchic father and son who neglected Hyderabad but enjoyed the honey of the city by sucking the nectar it has generated over the years.

KCR knows better how to raise the sentiments of the people in the short term and used to play with that to gain in elections. However, that experiment seems to have not worked out in the GHMC elections as the people of Hyderabad could recognize the true color of the chameleon. Realizing this fact, the TRS supremo has resorted to unethical, unruly, fake, and dubious election processes and made his puppet State Election Commission (SEC) to dance to his tunes. The state election commission, which is supposed to the custodian of the constitution, has turned out to be a conspirator.

Even the police fell into his trap and protected their king by ignoring their primary duty to safeguard the law and order, people and democracy.

The SEC hurriedly issued the notification and wanted to finish the polls within 10 days with a malefic intention to corner the opposition parties. Overnight orders and confusing decisions were issued. The TRS, AIMIM, the SEC, and the Police have put democracy in danger by colluding with each other and worked hard for the victory of the ruling party. However, their drama didn't go well and the audience didn't like their acting skills. Ultimately it proved to be a failure. It is the most fraudulent election that has destroyed the spirit of constitution and democracy. On the day of the polling, a massive spike in voting percentage in the last one hour clearly exemplifies the dubious role of SEC and Police. There are serious charges that massive rigging took place in the old city and other parts of the city by TRS and MIM.

During the course of the campaign, TRS, AIMIM & BJP have not discussed the development issues of Hyderabad. They simply harped on senseless sensational and sentiment campaign, intentionally ignoring the development agenda. However, serious anti-incumbency was reflected against TRS as we closely examine the results. The callous way of handling the corona crisis, floods and on top of it the unfulfilled promise of 2-bed room houses, the burden of LRS, excessive electricity bills, baby Sumedha's death in open Nala, lands grabbing, corruption, etc have clearly amplified the misgovernance of TRS and people have taught a befitting lesson to them.

The holy grail of democracy is to ensure that people win, not the political parties. The political parties may win or lose, but people must get elevated and venerated, eventually let us collectively work towards building a globally strong and happy Hyderabad. As citizens of Hyderabad, let us come together let us restore the past glory. . Let us raise our voices to question the mice (rats), which are eating away the wealth of this city. Join hands to fight against the arrogant rulers to make them accountable for us and protect this city from destruction and demolition. Let us make it a truly global city and ensure a bright future for the next generation.

Dr Sravan Dasoju is the National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress

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