Is VV Vinayak's Seenayya an experimental flick?

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  10 Oct 2019 7:58 AM GMT
Is VV Vinayaks Seenayya an experimental flick?

Hyderabad: Telugu audience will soon get a chance to see an interesting film project. VV Vinayak, who was once a star director, had lost his charm over time. When news broke out that Vinayak will be acting in a movie as the protagonist, audiences and many people from the film industry broke into laughter. Any film geek, based on previous occasions, would say that Vinayak is surely non-hero material. But there has been a recent excitement among audiences wondering what the storyline of the movie would be if producers are willing to invest in making Vinayak the protagonist.

The first look was first released on Dasara and piqued the interest of many fans. With a spanner in hand, a red coloured shawl on his shoulder and khaki pants, Vinayak overall attire gives off a distinctive rugged vibe. A car in the background suggests that he might be portraying a car mechanic in the movie.

N Narasimha Rao, who earlier made movie Saraba, is directing Vinayak's movie, Seenayya. Senior maestro Manisharma, who had earlier composed music for several of Vinayak's movies, is rendering the score. Dil Raju, who directed Vinayak's superhit movie Dil, is bankrolling the current project.

Some of the industry bigwigs pointed out that much like Vinayak, even the late actor, screenwriter and director Dasari Narayana Rao also entered the industry by doing small roles initially and later fetched prominent roles. Vinayak's look as Seenayya slightly resembles some of Dasari's film roles. Many are still speculating the reason that prompted Vinayak to be a part of such a movie.

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