Jagan keen on demolition rather than construction, slams Pawan

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  30 Sep 2019 2:39 PM GMT
Jagan keen on demolition rather than construction, slams Pawan

Amaravati: “Any new government will start its functioning with development works. However, the YSRC government started with the demolition of buildings. Its focus is on troubling labourers by making them idle, filing cases, and shifting capital from Amaravati. How can they concentrate on electricity when their mindset is different?” Jana Sena Chief Pawan questioned on twitter.

He also criticised Andhra Pradesh government for its laxity in power management. He accused that people are suffering due to the failure of the administration. He took to Twitter on Monday and lambasted the YSRC government in consecutive tweets.

“Due to heavy rainfall, the demand for power is usually less. Experts in electricity estimated that we need 150 million units per day for the entire state in September. However, the government failed to make arrangements to meet the demand,” Pawan accused.

Presently, the state can produce 55 million units of power per day, resorting to power cuts in the state, accused the Jana Sena Chief. “Is this the government’s Dussehra gift to the people?” he asked on Twitter. From city to village, we witness darkness everywhere, Pawan lamented.

He compared the power supply of September 2018 with that of this month. “The energy department could supply 190 million units of power in September 2018. Why has it failed to supply sufficient power this time?” The government has not prepared to meet the demand, and that is the reason the people have to be in the darkness, he blamed.

Pawan Kalyan seems to be critical with the government. He also criticised the government for alleged malpractice in village secretariat posts. He supported Telugu Desam in 2014 elections, after the state bifurcation. Later, he accused corruption in TD government and fought alone in the 2019 elections, in which his party won only one seat. Pawan has lost two assembly seats in which he had contested.

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