Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, on 15 March, expressed his suspicions regarding the postponement of local polls and slammed election commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar.

Jagan, while addressing a media conference on Sunday at his camp office, said, “The election commissioner issued a four-page order about which the secretary of the commission didn’t have any clue. Neither the chief secretary nor the health secretary was consulted before the commissioner announced his decision.” He suspected that somebody was behind this and said, on one hand, the commissioner announced the decision to postpone the election and on the other, he indiscriminately transferred SPs, collectors, and other officials. He questioned how Mr Ramesh Kumar could stop welfare programmes.

The CM also questioned Mr Ramesh Kumar for mentioning in the order that he has taken suggestions of the chief secretary and health secretary. “Is it correct to show discrimination in a democracy?” he questioned, adding Chandrababu Naidu might have given him the position as both Mr Naidu and Mr Ramesh Kumar belong to the same social section. Prior to the media conference, the Chief Minister met the Governor and complained about the irrational move and said they will explore all avenues for justice.

Jagan said the notification, issued in utter secrecy and without any consultation with concerned and competent officials, is contradictory in nature as elections were postponed and high officials from Guntur and Chittoor districts were transferred and collectors were asked not to take up the house site patta distribution work. He said it seems the state Election Commission is working at the behest of others and is reading out the script prepared by others.

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2 comments on "Jagan suspects caste politics behind Nimmagadda’s decision to postpone local polls"

  • EC has postponed the local body elections in AP without consulting the elected government or concerned officials – at least Chief Secretary & health secretary. It is clear that he took the decision with the advice from Chandrababu. EC discharged two collectors and two SPs from election duty and suspended few police officials.
    Chandrababu after returning to power in 2014, all the elections were manipulated through IAS, IPS, Judiciary. Though Chandrababu claimed EC was appointed by Governor, but he was appointed with his tacit support only as governor rarely takes the decision independently in such cases. EC belongs to Chandrababu community and favoured his daughter in providing unusual appointment. From all these it is clear that as a quid-pro-Co, EC favoured Chandrababu. EC put the blame on Virus but why EC did not gave any order to stop people doing the following:
    • Religious & marriage activities are going on as usual – temples, churches, mosques are open to public;
    • Agriculture, horticulture, dairy activities are going on as usual;
    • Offices [government & private], markets, shops-malls, etc. are going on as usual;
    • People are travelling as usual;
    When all the activities are going on as usual, why local body elections were stopped by the EC under the pretext of virus? This virus has no impact on all those activities? Water is flowing as usual; air is moving as usual, hotels are running as usual, print & electronic media is running as usual, EC office is also working as usual!!! Judiciary is working as usual, etc., etc.
    The Governor must initiate action on EC for such bad action that affects the states economy and functioning.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

  • Continued —

    Virus will not affect the TDP workers sitting in protest in Amaravati for so many days and continuing now — Koocking on the roads and eating on the roads, sleeping on the roads, day and night. Taking bath on the roads. This gathering under such a unhygenic condition able live, what is the problem conducting elections.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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