• YSRC won’t encourage land scams, encroachers: Vijayasai
  • Rs 394.5 crore cleared for various projects in Vizag

Visakhapatnam: Dismissing allegations made by TDP leaders, YSR Congress Party’s General Secretary and Member of Rajya Sabha, V Vijayasai Reddy declared on Thursday that he does not own any properties except his house or lands in Visakhapatnam. He also ruled out any conspiracy behind the decision to develop the city as the State’s Executive capital.

“I only own a three bed-room flat, which is my residence here. Some TDP leaders have been making baseless allegations against me by citing that YSRC leaders purchased huge lands in Vizag city and hence were shifting the capital from Amaravati,” Mr Vijayasai Reddy said.

He added, “Our party leaders never directed officials to settle land disputes in Vizag to favour anyone. We shall not tolerate land scams and will be tough against land-grabbers.”

Vijayasai Reddy said that that the State Cabinet, after its meeting, will approve and announce Vizag as Executive capital, Amaravati as Legislative capital and Kurnool as Judiciary capital of Andhra Pradesh on Friday. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will visit Vizag on Saturday after the three capitals announcement.

Meanwhile, even before the Cabinet’s approval, the government on Thursday issued seven GOs for administrative sanction of Rs 394.5 crore to various departments towards development works.

Sanctions were accorded to Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority (VMRDA) for Rs 80 crore (Of this Rs 20 crore from GVMC under Smart City funds) for the multi-level card parking (MLCP) and commercial space at Siripuram in Vizag city; Rs 37 crore for establishment of Planetarium at Kailasagiri; Rs 88 crore for Natural History Park and Museum Research Institute in Vizag and Rs 40 crore for establishment of Integrated Museum and Tourism Complex (IMTC) along with underground parking facility at Beach Road.

Vizag District Collector V Vinay Chand said that Jagan Mohan Reddy will lay foundation stone for the seven projects of VMRDA and GVMC during his visit to the city. He will also inaugurate the two-day Visakha Utsav, which is a major tourism festival in Vizag.

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One comment on "Jagan to officially announce three capitals on Friday"


    After seeing the TV Channels discussions on three capitals idea; and Volte-face statement by the Vice-President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday expressing reservations over the idea of thee capital cities for Andhra Pradesh, I thought it is the right time to express few of my thoughts on this vital issue that will have major impact on people and environment.

    Vice-President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu claimed these are his personal views and not from as Vice-President of India, He observed in this context that “his statements should not be read from a political point of view but should be taken as one from a person who has years of experience in public life”. Same volte-face was seen on English medium in school education in his opinion on Wednesday. It is surprising; in fact he will have no personal views when holding dignified post on political issues. There is no surprise to see such observations as in the past he was behind Chandrababu in getting clearances for all the projects including Amaravati against the Sri Krishna Committee report [appointed by the Central Government] and environmental groups’ observations.

    Unfortunately in both the Telugu states, development means “Real Estate”, knowing very well that this helps the concentrated growth of wealth in few hands at the cost of environment and human health. Development became a mantra for the division of states or creation of Capitals. TDP regime followed this mantra after 2014 for AP Capital and now YSRCP following the same.

    When TDP regime started acquiring fertile agriculture land used to grow three crops in a year, farmers refused to part with their lands. The government played all-types of tricks and acquired the farmers’ lands. Now, the very same farmers are protesting when the present YSRCP government thinking for the change of Capital to Vijag. Then why this hypocrisy!!!

    Though Amaravati was a good choice as capital of AP, this was negated by the TDP regime making it as real estate capital. TDP government in fact allocated around 25,000 acres of government land [former forest land] to Japan Company for real estate. This area would have been the best choice for capital city of AP. There would have been any inside-trading issue and thus YSRCP government’s three capital idea. TDP preferred real estate capital at Amaravati. Naturally, this angered the YSRCP, the new government. Also Amaravati location has high environmental hazards. Again the YSRCP made same mistake and choose Bheemili for the Capital under the fictitious three capitals. This is worse than Amaravati in all aspects. It is highly unsuitable for AP capital. Look at Canberra in Australia and Brasilia in Brazil; both are very big countries, yet selected clean and green capitals. Indian politicians unfortunately look at real estate and thus creating “dirty” capitals.

    Decentralization of administration for the growth of all regions in the state in a balanced way is a good policy but the present recommendations of the committee and YSRCP leaders out bursts on this show it is all “Eyewash”. Bheemili/Vijag is the YSRCP’s real estate Capital of AP while TDP’s real estate capital of AP is Amaravati. Now, nor surprisingly, local TDP leaders are supporting the choice of Vijag as they hold thousands of acres of land.

    The Executive Capital at Vijag which is far away from Anantapur is over loaded with around 75% of Capital activities while the other two Capitals [really they are not Capitals, Vijag is the Capital of AP] get around 25% of Capital activities only. By this YSRCP is doing the same mistake as that of TDP. Both think Capital means “Real Estate”. Both Amaravati and Bheemili suffer from the point of environment and as well land litigations – inside trading at Amaravati and SIT enquiry on land deals, pollution and as well it is an adda to anti-social activities in Vijag.
    • From the judicial capital, separate benches were allocated to Amaravati and Visakhapatnam but from the activities of the other two capitals, none were allocated to Kurnool capital;
    • From legislative capital summer assembly sessions were allocated to Vijag – very horrible time in Visakhapatnam but no such provision was given to Kurnool like winter assembly sessions. However, division of assembly sessions is a bad idea;
    • From executive capital none were separated. Why? For example irrigation and mining departments could be located in Kurnool; municipal administration could be located in Amaravati; etc. without effecting the executive capital functioning;
    Now unemployed politicians from Rayalaseema once again raised the “Greater Rayalaseema”. Unfortunately they have no idea basically on water. Linking of Rivers is the only solution to get water to Greater Rayalaseema region.
    From all the media reports, it is clear that there will not be three capitals but only one Capital at Vijag, a very bad idea; instead the best choice is to have Capital at Amaravati in DRY AREAS.
    In view of all these it is essential to take balanced act on the distribution of activities among the three the so-called capitals instead overloading executive capital city or one Capital at Amaravati in dry areas. Otherwise it seriously affects YSRCP’s fortunes in the next elections as Kurnool and Amaravati are infructuous Capitals – only on paper.

    Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

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