Karimnagar man innovates electric coconut de-husking machine

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Dec 2019 7:02 AM GMT
Karimnagar man innovates electric coconut de-husking machine

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Innovation Cell has recognised one more innovator, this time from Karimnagar district, for developing an electric-powered coconut de-husking machine.

Veerelli Ramesh’s machine has twin blades, facing each other on both ends of a bowl-like structure. This way, the blades can easily rotate around the coconut. The blades are fitted to a driller machine that makes them move forward and backwards. There is a base attached to a holder in which one has to place the coconut and tighten it. Once the machine is switched on, the blades de-husk the coconut in 15 seconds.

This innovation will be a better alternative compared to the age-old tradition of de-husking coconut using a knife or axe, believes the innovator.

The state innovation cell was set up in 2017. It aims at encouraging early start-ups and innovators. The platform provides special support to rural innovators. On August 15, the cell had organized an innovators' exhibition in which around 100 innovators from 33 districts of Telangana participated.

Earlier this month, the cell also recognised Chintakinda Jalenadar, a farmer from Jagityal district for developing a low-cost, spot fertilizer applicator that prevents the wastage of fertilizer and also reduces the labour needed to complete the task.

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