License of techie, who killed 2 on flyover, suspended

By Aiswarya Sriram  Published on  21 Jan 2020 9:49 AM GMT
License of techie, who killed 2 on flyover, suspended

Hyderabad: Road and Transport Authority of Kukatpally on Tuesday suspended the driving license of Cognizant employee Abhilash Pedakotla, as his negligent driving led to the death of two motorists on the Bio-diversity flyover.

The driving license is suspended for a period of one year from 15.11.2019 to 15.11.2020

A case was registered against Pedakotla in Raidurgam on November 11 as he drove his car in a drunken condition and hit a bike on the flyover junction. As he hit the bike, the two riders, Vamsi and Praveen, fell down from flyover level-2 and died on the spot.

Pedakotla has been booked under Sections (A), 337, 279 IPC and Sec 185 of Motor Vehicle Act. While further investigations are under progress, Raidugram police sent a proposal to RTA to suspend or revoke the driving license of Pedakotla, four days after the incident.

Police officers said that they will issue a proposal for permanent cancellation of his license.

Police investigation revealed that Pedakotla was headed home at Gachibowli from a party at Langar Houz. Vamsi and Praveen were taking selfies at the flyover’s curve. Pedakotla who was drunk and over-speeding lost control of his car and hit the bike, which tumbled from the flyover leading to their death. Pedakotla’s friends ran away while he was caught by the locals who handed him over to the police. Four others were also injured in the accident.

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