15 Different Gifting Ideas for 1st Birthday Parties 2021

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By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Dec 2021 5:24 AM GMT
15 Different Gifting Ideas for 1st Birthday Parties 2021

Did you receive an invite for the first birthday of your friend or relative's kid? Are you looking for some first birthday gifting ideas that will bring a smile on the little one's face? Well, you are in for luck! We know how special a first birthday is for the parents and the child. So, to help you add more joy and merry to their event, we have curated a list of 1st birthday gift ideas that range from plush toys to playsets.
Ready to explore them in detail? Read along!

15 Unique First Birthday Gifting Ideas for Boys and Girls:

Let us check the different options available under 1st birthday presents for kids:

1. Plush Toys:

Which kid can resist a cosy plush toy? Soft toys offer babies who love to touch and feel different things offer a sense of warmth and comfort. A cute furry soft toy can give them some assurance and control anxiety issues. That's not all! The colors and textures of soft toys offer kids a wide range of possibilities to explore and learn new things. It is also known that kids develop a strange bonding with soft toys which encourages them to build relationships. No wonder why stuffed toys fall under the most popular categories of 1st birthday unisex gift ideas for kids.
Here are some of the best options for you to choose from under plush toys:

a. Teddy Bear
b. Furry Rabbit
c. Stuffed Puppies or Kittens
d. Plush Ball
e. Stuffed Unicorn

2. Wheeled Toys:

The first idea that comes to our mind when we think of presents for a boy's first birthday is a wheeled toy. Little boys are obsessed with toys like cars, trucks and other moving vehicles. These toys help them learn many things such as pulling, pushing and other physical movements. Additionally, wheeling toys teach children about some basics of science like applying force, balancing and coordination. Wheeled toys are the perfect examples for learning while playing!

Here are the five most popular options under wheeled toys:

a. Toy Cars
b. Toy Buses
c. Toy Trucks
d. Toy Trains
e. Toy Bikes

3. Puzzle Games:

It's good to introduce puzzle games for children as young as 1 year old. Puzzles help greatly in brain development and improve the key STEM concepts in kids. Games like peg puzzles that involve putting the pieces in the right slots or building a tower can improve the child's logical reasoning and spatial thinking. Puzzles are also an excellent way to keep the kids away from screen time and engage them in a productive way. For one-year olds, you can try giving games like simple wooden shape puzzles or stacking toys.
Some of the best options in this category are:

a. Building Blocks
b. Alphabet Peg Puzzles
c. Shapes Puzzles
d. Magnetic Puzzles
e. Number Board Puzzles

4. Musical Toys:

Musical toys are one of the best gifts for kids celebrating their first birthdays. These toys immerse and engage kids in a world of music. The toys make unique sounds that will garner attention from the kid and enable them to focus better. While some of these toys come with loud music that can excite the kid, others come with specific animal or birds sounds. These toys also come with special lights and actions like "Push Me, "Pull Me" or etc. to stimulate the kid's senses. Musical storybooks are also great options which boost the child's listening skills.
Here are some of the best options to choose from in this category:

a. Musical Vehicles
b. Musical Instruments like Drums, Xylophone, Piano etc.
c. Musical Storybooks
d. Musical Elephant
e. Pull Me Dog or Animal Toys

5. Mini Vehicles or Ride-Ons:

Ride-ons or mini vehicles like cars, scooters, etc. are among the most popular birthday gifts for 1-year-old boys and girls. When a kid turns 1, their exploration skills develop greatly. This is where ride-ons help them gain an understanding of their surroundings and mimic real-life scenarios. You can choose from manual or battery-powered vehicles on which the kid can a small ride. These vehicles teach the kids how to balance and focus well to avoid crashes. Also, mini vehicles improve the child's fine motor skills and enable them to learn new skills faster.
Here are the top 5 options to choose from:

a. Push Ride-ons
b. Play Motor Vehicles
c. Electrical Vehicles

6. Story Books:

Experts suggest introducing book reading habits to kids as early as possible. Books, particularly those with colorful pictures and textures, can increase the imaginative skills of children. They learn how to observe and absorb information from a very tender age. This is why storybooks are quite popular in the list of 1st birthday gifts ideas for boys and girls. You can pick a sturdy pictorial book with big fonts to help the child identify shapes and letters. Storybooks also help in nurturing the child's literary skills along with strengthening the parent-child bond.
Here are our Top 5 recommendations for 1-year storybooks:

a. Picture Books
b. Bedtime Stories
c. My First Library: Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids
d. Nursery Rhymes Board Book
e. Cut out Books and Touch & Feel Books

7. Walkers:

Walkers are a great option for children who are ready to move but struggling with mobility issues. They lend additional support to kids and enable to walk around freely without anyone's help. However, you must make sure that the walkers don't give the child too much speed and have auto-lock, anti-fall features. Pick a product that moves slowly within controllable limits to prevent the baby from crashing into people or objects.

You can check popular websites like Amazon, First Cry etc. which offer quality products with latest safety features.

8. Sand Toys:

Gifting a pack of sand toys to a 1-year-old is an excellent idea as it offers both learning and play. Although playing in the sand might sound like a 'messy' idea, but experts opine that Sand play can improve the child's sensory skills. Sand kits usually come with colorful kinetic sand that is easy to control, along with a bunch of toys like diggers, shovels, bucket etc. These kits are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play where the kid can enjoy some time exploring sand. Sand toys also improve the creativity and social skills of the child.

9. Kiddie Pool:

Kiddie pools come in handy when kids feel like taking a dip in some water without compromising on safety. They also help the kid unwind from a stressful day and relax for a while in cool water. Kiddie pools are quite shallow and come in different sizes and shapes. For gifting a 1-year-old, you can pick a small-sized pool with a water depth of not more than the waist. Picking an inflatable is a better option than a standard tub, as parents can easily clean and fold it without wasting space. Do check for the ratings related to quality and durability before picking a product.

10. Special Costumes:

You can surprise a 1-year-old by gifting the costumes of their favourite characters. For girls, you can choose costumes of Frozen, Belle, Cinderella, or Minnie Mouse. Costumes of Avengers, Chota Bheem and Superheroes can excite little boys. These outfits let children play dress-up games and have some fun. They are also amazing for photoshoots which create memories forever. Make sure that the costumes come with quality fabric and have no harsh materials which injure the child.

Here are some options for you:

a. Disney Costumes
b. Fairy Costumes
c. Superhero Costumes
d. Costumes of Birds or Animals
e. Avengers' costumes

11. Smart Learning Toys:

There are many smart learning toys for toddlers which can aid in the mental development of the child. Smart toys are inbuilt with many educational games which teach new skills. From improving hand-eye coordination to sparking imagination, these toys come handy for parents while teaching their kids. Depending on the budget, many smart educational toys work as perfect gifts ideas for 1-year-old children. These gadgets fall under 'electronic learning devices' category imitate real-life devices like tablets and laptops.

Here are some ideas for you:

a. Leapfrog 100 Words Book
b. Kids Laptop
c. Educational Tablets

12. Accessories:

Accessories like hairbands, clips, watches, shoes, bags earrings etc. are perfect gifts for a 1year old. These adorable pieces come hand while dressing up the little girl for outings or parties. You can pick a box of assorted items in different shapes and colors to match all outfits. There are also theme-based accessories like unicorn, Disney, frozen etc. which feature the relevant characters. For boys, pick a nice watch, a tie, a brooch or a pair of shoes to make them look dapper in the party.
Here are some popular options for you:

a. Headbands and Clips
b. Watches
c. Jewellery like necklaces
d. Backpacks
e. Socks and Shoes

13. Personalized Gifts:

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for 1 year olds, try personalised gifts. These are thoughtful gifts which are custom-made specially for the birthday boy or girl. Personalised gifts usually come with details like the name, picture, birth date, family names etc. etched on them. You can choose from various gifts, starting from bags to photo frames and even 3D figurines of the child. The best part is that these gifts are fully functional and serve as great display pieces in a showcase.However, do note that it's always a good idea to order these items atleast one week to 10 days in advance for better customization.

Here are some options for you:

a. Personalized Photoframes
b. Personalized Bedsheet, Pillows
c. Personalized Bed lamps
d. Personalized Caricatures
e. Personalized Jewellery

14. Doll Sets:

Gift a doll set to a little girl and you have just earned her love forever! Doll sets that feature barbies, dollhouses, babies etc, are quite attractive to girls. Children can explore the items in these sets and mimic their parent's actions like bathing, feeding, combing etc. This will help them unleash their imaginative power and creativity. Doll sets also build social skills and enable to represent everyday situations with their playmates. There are also fantasy doll sets that give out-of-the-world experiences with elements like fairies, unicorns etc.

Here are some of the best-selling doll sets (characters only):

a. Barbie Doll Sets
b. Frozen Doll Sets
c. Baby Alive Sets
d. Chelsea Doll Sets
e. Munchkin Land

15. Kids Furniture:

Little kids deserve special furniture that are designed for their needs. So, if you are looking for unique 1st birthday gift ideas, try exploring kids' furniture items. A wide range of products is available in the market starting from chairs, tables, and sofa sets. These products offer unparalleled comfort to the child, who will thank you for such thoughtful gifts every day. They are made with kid-friendly materials and designs along with non-toxic paints. There is also an option to customize them with the child's name or initials.

Here are top kids' furniture brands to choose from:

a. Ikea
b. Wood play
c. Alex Daisy
d. Wooden Street
e. Boingg!

Those are some of the best gifting ideas for 1st birthday. You can take these ideas as a reference and explore products under each category. Remember that first birthdays are quite special for parents and kids, so pay close attention to the quality and functionality of the item you are planning to gift. Finally, do you have any more such ideas to help our readers expand their search?

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