Palm Henna: 15 Simple and Easy Indian Full Palm Mehndi Designs 2021

Looking for palm mehndi designs? We have collected 15 trending henna patterns for full palms with idea descriptions.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  25 Nov 2021 7:26 AM GMT
Palm Henna: 15 Simple and Easy Indian Full Palm Mehndi Designs 2021

No Indian festival or special occasion is complete without the women decorating their arms with beautiful Mehndi patterns. Palm mehndi designs are pretty popular as they are easy to make, don't consume a lot of time and focus on palms – the key body part associated with mehndi. From simple floral motifs to elaborate Arabic patterns, there are many designs to choose from. Depending on the event, you can decide to restrict the mehndi to the palms or extend them to the arms as well.
In this article, we have put together a collection of 15 Latest Palm Mehndi Designs for Women that work for various events like weddings, festivals, etc.

15 Latest Palm Mehndi Designs for Festive and Wedding Season:

Ready to explore the trending patterns in Palm mehndi? Read along!

1. Simple Round Palm Mehndi Design for Left Hand:

Check out this simple palm mehndi design for left and which you can do it in a jiffy. The design comprises of basic floral and round motifs that even beginners can attempt. Firstly, start with a small circle on the center of the palm and slowly add patterns around it to make it a centerpiece. Next, adorn the pattern with small dots around it and replicate the same motifs on the tips of the fingers for a complete look.

2. Beautiful Arabic Palm Mehndi:

Check out this lovely Arabic design for palms which is sure to attract the attention of the onlookers. The pattern is made by using a set of 4-5 motifs in different sizes and textures. So, practicing thin and thick lines can prove helpful while replicating this design. You can start applying henna from the index finger and elaborate it as you go down. Fill the other fingers with patterns like checks and flowers for a stunning result.

3. Mor or Peacock Palm Mehndi:

A peacock motif is considered as a good sign for women who are kickstarting a new phase in their lives. Here is one such Full palm mehndi design featuring Mor or peacock. First, draw the head of the bird and outline the body using curvy patterns. Then, start filling these spaces with delicate motifs that represent the beautiful feathers of a peacock. You can use fillers for the index finger and the leave the rest of the fingers blank to highlight the main pattern.

4. Stylish Back Palm Mehndi:

Check out this unique back palm mehndi design that features a jewellery pattern. The 'Haath Phool' inspired design combines traditions and modernity in one. Draw slanting curves on the side of the back palm to divide the main piece from the finger design. Use small motifs like florals and jaali to create a lovely pattern. Connect this piece to the finger design using thick dots that look like jewellery beads.

5. Minimal Bridal Palm Mehndi:

If you are looking for a minimalistic bridal palm mehndi design, here is an idea for you! Same patterns are drawn on both the palms for a symmetrical look. You can first make a basic outline and start adding fillers to it to cover the palm area. Using dots and thick lines, cover the tips of the fingers to bring incompleteness. Since it's a bridal henna, you can write the names of bride and groom on the wrists in an elegant manner.

6. Floral Palm Mehndi:

Floral patterns are quite popular in palm mehndi designs as they exude feminine charm and delicateness. Here is one such idea for the left hand which goes very well with traditional outfits. Firstly, start off with some dots on the center of the palm and keep adding motifs arounds them. The result will resemble a fully bloomed flower that is complemented well with fillers on the bottom of the palm and fingers.

7. Mandala Palm Mehndi:

Mandalas are another popular hand mehndi designs which work well for all occasions. If you are a beginner, start with this simple geometric mandala using alternate thin and thick lines. Add some motifs on the borders of the piece to create a stunning effect. Depending on the size of the palm, keep elaborating the design until full coverage is attained. Complete the look by drawing similar motifs on the fingers. Instead of just the tips, you can extend them all the way down to the joints for a beautiful look.

8. Checkered Palm Mehndi:

Checkered pattern or Jaali pattern is a fairly easy palm mehndi for beginners. You can just practice making thin lines on a piece of paper to achieve perfection on the hand. First, draw two floral motifs on the opposite sides of the palm. Connect them using a mesh pattern with crisscross lines. Highlight the junctions with four dots to create a special look. Replicate the same design on the fingers to complete the theme.

9. Single line Palm Mehndi:

Check out this easy single line palm mehndi for right hand that anyone can replicate at home. You can use some basic mango motifs and flower patterns to create the delicate pattern. Since the buzzword is minimalism, you can restrict the design to the side of the palm. Extend the design to the index finger for a stylish look. Leave the other fingers plain or use some basic dots to cover them up.

10. Eid Palm Mehndi:

Festivals like Eid deserve special henna patterns for palms. Here is one such idea for the left hand which looks as vibrant as the festive spirit. The fusion style design combines traditional Indian motifs like mangoes and flowers with Arabic patterns like creepers. By using thick lines, you can cover up the entire palm with minimal efforts. Use the fingers for fillers like the mesh design and leave the finger tips uncovered for a contemporary look.

11. Geometric Palm Mehndi:

This geometric henna design for full palms radiates modern vibes. The symmetrical pattern looks quite complex but is in fact very easy to achieve. Just draw four concentric diamond-shaped patterns on the palm and fill them up with small motifs like curves and dots. Now use the blank space in the center to create a delicate floral pattern. On the hands, use curvy patterns to bring in a middle eastern look.

12. Modern Palm Mehndi:

Check out this DIY modern palm Mehndi for young girls. The minimal style mehndi takes just under 10 minutes to achieve. You can use basic curves and leaf-shaped patterns to create this beauty. Start from the base of the palm and keep developing the idea as you go up. Make sure to cover up the breadth of the palm to avoid making it look empty. Depending on the occasion, you can choose to leave the fingers plain or covered with henna.

13. Classic Mango Style Palm Mehndi:

If there is one henna mehndi design for palms which will never go out of fashion, it's the mango! This classic design needs no special introduction as even beginners prefer attempting it. Just use the tip of the mehndi cone to create a thin outline of the Mango pattern. Now develop it by using fillers on the inside and outside. Use some leaves to highlight the borders. Use floral and leaf motifs to cover up the fingers.

14. Easy Palm Mehndi for Kids:

If you are looking for an easy palm mehndi for kids, try this one! The smiley-themed henna pattern for right palm is ideal for little boys and girls. Replacing traditional motifs like leaves and flowers with unique motifs like smileys is sure to make your kids smile. Just make a round mandala on the center of the palm and fill the inside with two eyes and a smiley curve. Use the same idea on the fingers to extend the fun effect.

15. Indian Lotus Palm Henna:

Check out this exotic looking lotus palm mehndi design for left hand which is sure to impress everyone around you. With a little practice, you can achieve this stunner! First, draw curvy and lotus motifs on the palm using thick lines. Now use fillers to cover the empty spaces in between. You can use circular patterns or mesh to do that. Depending on the event, you can extend this idea to the fingers and a little below the wrist line.

Those are some of the best palm mehndi designs you can take inspiration from. If you are a beginner, you can practice making these patterns on a paper using a cone. Start with a set of motifs and create a nice pattern using them. So, are you willing to try them this festive season?

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