Employment Portals: 10 Best Job Sites in India (Govt. & Pvt.)

we have listed 10 Employment Portals in India which are making job search very easy to millions of job seekers. Click here to find out details about each of them.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Dec 2021 12:35 PM GMT
Employment Portals: 10 Best Job Sites in India (Govt. & Pvt.)
In the digital era, everything has become so simple and accessible, including searching for a job. Gone are the days when people queued up outside the employment exchange offices or relied on newspaper ads for job applications. Today, people have access to different employment portals in India which list all the relevant jobs as per qualifications and experience. In just one or two steps, you can upload your resume, apply for the job and get noticed by your potential employers.

In this article, we have made a list of 10 Best Job Portals in India with information about their benefits, features and popularity.

10 Best Employment Portals in India:

Here are the 10 most popular job posting sites in India which bring you a step closer to your dream job:

1. Indeed:

Indeed is one of the best job portals in India and even has a huge user base worldwide. The US-based online portal gets around 25 crore visits each month, indicating its popularity. Users can get free access to relevant jobs within their region and across the country as well. Indeed works like a simple search engine where job seekers can type the keywords of job type or company in a city or state using the pin code and get relevant search results. Apart from job listings, users can also know the first-hand reviews of companies they are applying to understand the inside news.

2. Naukri:

Naukri is another popular employment portal in India which was founded by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in the year 1997. The idea was to create a floorless employment exchange portal to create a right match between employers and job seekers. Naukri has a huge userbase with over 46 million registered job seekers in 2016. Apart from job listings, the site also offers many paid services like resume writing and highlighting for job seekers. About 60,000 unique corporate customers also use Naukri to get listings and finding the relevant employee database. Apart from the website, Naukri also simplified its operations through a mobile app on android and iOS.

3. First Naukri:

First Naukri, which translates to "First Job" is India's largest and most reliable job portal for freshers and college students. The site mainly focuses on entry-level hiring which can be very advantageous for students who do not have proper offline placement cells in their colleges. At First Naukri, freshers will get access to a huge database of entry-level jobs in top companies in the country. Apart from facilitating networking with employers, First Naukri also takes up value-added services like CV creation, personal grooming and interview facing skills. This way, students from remote parts of the country can make use of this job portal to kickstart their careers.

4. Glassdoor:

Glassdoor is a U.S based portal that allows people to view anonymous reviews of companies across the world. Apart from knowing about aspects like work culture and salaries, Glassdoor also enables job seekers to apply for positions in the companies of their choice. However, Glassdoor operates in a slightly different way compared to other India's job sites. Instead of maintaining its own database of resumes, Glassdoor posts its job via Indeed job advertising products after the partnership between the two companies. What does this mean to jobseekers? Read inside reviews of a company, understand their work culture and salaries and check for relevant jobs.

5. Upwork:

Upwork is India's best job portal for freelancers who can connect with companies and businesses worldwide seeking independent services. Freelancers can seek access to relevant positions in their niches like website and app development, content writing, creative design, consulting operations etc. Through Upwork, clients can connect with freelancers and freelance agencies and kickstart the interview process. Firstly, clients post a job description of the work they seek and post it publicly or invite specific freelancers. After selecting the candidate, there will be a contract agreement regarding timelines, pay rate, set hours etc. Upwork also eliminates scams and cheating by clients along with ensuring that work and payments happen smoothly between the two parties.

6. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is India's leading employment portal which hosts all-in-one job cum networking solutions to jobseekers. According to a reliable source, about 77% of companies and recruits trust LinkedIn to find jobs. The portal enables handshakes between job seekers and recruiters so both the parties can get benefitted. There is also an option to set your profile as "Open to Job Opportunities," which only the recruits can notice and post jobs straight into your inbox. Apart from jobs, employees can network with other professionals, participate in forums, and access the latest industry news. There is also a paid option called "Premium" which offers additional benefits like who searched your profile, view expanded profiles, InMail credits etc.

7. Shine:

Shine is an online job portal in India which acts as a bridge between jobseekers and employers. Its parent company is HT media, one of the largest media companies in India which organizes huge events like HR Conclave. Through Shine, jobseekers can access posts of relevant job openings through a profile match algorithm. Apart from applying for jobs, one can also sign up for a career development program on the extended version of Shine, which is called Shine Learning. There is also a dedicated mobile app that lets you view

8. Monster:

Monster is one of India's oldest job portals, which started around 20 years ago when online job portals were a new concept. Monster acts like a talent platform that connects employers with job seekers and enables both parties to find their right meets. The company has its headquarters in Hyderabad along with many offices in top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune etc. Additionally, Monster also launched an exclusive online rural job portal called 'Rozgaarduniya' through which top corporates can connect with rural talents. Monster is also one of the leading job portals for 'Work from Home' jobs post-pandemic.

9. Timesjob:

Timesjobs is one of the leading job sites in India which enables jobseekers to connect with their prospective employers and find their dream jobs. Its large database and user-friendly design make job search all the easier and more convenient. The unique part about Times is that users can post 3-4 different resumes related to diverse industries and stay relevant with the job descriptions. Employers also get direct access to candidate resumes so they can narrow down their search easily. Apart from the official website, Timesjobs also has an app and SMS enabled notification system for quick access.

10. FreshersWorld:

Freshersworld is a leading online job and internship portal for freshers and college students who target a variety of industries like banks, hospitality, software etc. The site enables access to hundreds of private and government job postings across the country. There are separate tabs to search for different types of jobs like Software, Bank posts, MBA, BPO, Defence etc. This way you can targeted results for your search and the process gets simplified. Freshersworld also offers notifications for walk-in jobs and postings in premium companies. There is also a role-based search which includes jobs likes steward, cooks, nurses, beauticians and receptionists.

Those are the 10 Best Employment Portals in India which are helping millions of jobseekers and thousands of employers find their right match. Thanks to these sites, finding a job is now made easy! All you need is an account in these sites, a strong resume and some patience to hunt for the right position.
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