10 Best Flowers That Attract Butterflies and Bees!

Flowers that attract butterflies: Here are 10 best varieties of flowers you can plant in your garden to invite butterflies.

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best flowers that attract butterflies
Imagine having a garden filled with colorful butterflies flying around! The very thought of it gives us so much joy and happiness. What if we could make it true? Yes! What your garden needs is a collection of some special flowers that attract butterflies with their colorful petals, sweet scent and juicy nectar. Along with butterflies, these flowers also attract small birds like hummingbirds, bees and other insects, which promote pollination and support you in creating a lush and healthy garden.

10 Best Flowers that Attract Butterflies:

Listed below are some of the best flowers that attract a wide range of butterflies, bees and birds:

1. Coneflower:

Coneflowers (Echinacea) are one of the best flowers to have in a butterfly garden. They are perennial flowers which resemble daisies and have a typical "cone" shape which gets them that name. These gorgeous blooms attract many butterflies with their sweet nectar. Even small birds like cardinals, goldfinches etc. also love coneflowers as they offer them "food" in the form of small seeds. Even the dried flowers do not go waste as birds often pick the leftover seeds and relish on them.

2. Lantana:

Lantanas are tiny butterfly-friendly flowers which also splash your garden with bright colors. They come as clusters of dome-shaped flowers in different colors like yellow, purple, red, pink, white, orange etc. Apart from attracting butterflies like monarchs, swallowtails etc. with their showy appearance, Lantanas also offer them sweet nectar. The best part about putting Lantanas in your garden is that they are hardy plants which require almost zero-maintenance.

3. Lavender:

Lavender is an aromatic flower that attracts butterflies and bees! Infact, its rich scent also appeals to humans who use it in aromatherapy. The bright purple color flowers invite butterflies and treat them to a delicious meal of nectar.Although the amount of nectar in each of these flowers is small, a garden filled with groups of these blooms can invite many guests. Growing Lavender is quite easy as they are perennial and drought-resistant plants.

4. Sunflower:

Sunflowers are one of the best flowers that attract butterflies and even bees. The large-headed flowers invite these bugs with their brightly colored yellow petals and allow them to suck on to the nectar. They typically bloom from spring through fall, which is the ideal time to watch beautiful butterflies hovering in your garden. Sunflowers require bright sunlight and must be planted in groups than scattering the seeds all over the place.

5. Stokesia:

Stokesia or Stoke's Aster is a large purple color flower that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. The flowers close at night and open in the day to invite these tiny guests and treat them with delicious nectar. Stokesia is a perennial flower that thrives in full sunlight with moist soil conditions. The plant requirse frequent deadheading to encourage the formation of new buds and flowers. The typical blooming time is spring and summer during when you can expect a lot of butterflies and other bugs visiting your garden.

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6. Beebalm:

Bee balm is another bright colored flower that attracts many butterflies, including the attractive monarch butterfly. Also called Monarda, Bee Balm resembles a daisy with an open center and tubular petals. It is filled with good amounts of scentless nectar that is enjoyed by butterflies, bees and even tiny birds. The usual shades of the flower are red, purple, white and pink. The plant grows well in full sunlight and prefer moist soil.

7. Phlox:

Phlox is one of the most favorite flowers of butterflies, which leave no chance to savor on its sweet-scented nectar. The garden phlox is a cluster of pink or purple colored blossoms that have a sweet fragrance. It is an annual flower with five petals and a 'colored' eye at the center. There are many varieties of Phlox that are native to different countries. Phlox typically do well in warmer climates with good soil conditions.

8. Butterfly Bush:

As the name suggests, Butterfly bush acts like a magnet to butterflies. They grow as a cluster of small flowers in a cone like shape. The flowers come in many colors like white, purple, and mauve, which is considered to be the most attractive shade to butterflies. Butterfly bush flowers are filled with sweet nectar for a long period of time. However, they can be dangerously invasive to other plants in your garden when not appropriately controlled.

9. Snapdragon:

Snapdragons are beautiful flowers which attract butterflies for two main reasons. One is obviously for the right color and sweet nectar that the flowers offer. Second is that the underside of the leaves allow the butterflies to lay eggs safely. Snapdragons grow as tall clusters of flowers in different colors like yellow, purple, red, white etc. They prefer partial sunlight with well-drained soil to grow better. Swallowtail, cabbage white, buckeye etc. are some of the many types of butterflies which love these flowers.

10. Aster:

Aster is a beautiful ornamental flower that attracts bees and butterflies. They are late bloomers which typically have their flowering cycle between September to October when other nectar varieties stop their growth. Because of this reason, butterflies flutter in gardens with asters as the flowers give them a winter feast. They are also one of the best flowers to attract monarch butterflies which migrate during this period.

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Those are some of the best flowers that attract butterflies in large numbers. You can get these plants in most nurseries and plant them along with other varieties to make your garden look attractive to your human and bug friends!
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