How celebrities are using birthdays to promote different brands

Quite a lot of heroes and heroines who have a market across the country are endorsing many brands as ambassadors

By Bhavana  Published on  11 May 2023 3:37 AM GMT
Cream stone distributed truckloads of ice cream to fans of Vijay Deverakonda

Hyderabad: Actor Vijay Deverakonda has a huge fan base across the country. Vijay turned a year older yesterday and he threw an ice cream treat to all his fans across the country. While this is an exciting thing for his fans, not many know that it is a new way of marketing ice creams this summer. The brain behind this is `Cream Stone’.

Celebrities endorsing brands

Lately, the association of brands with celebrities in Tollywood has been increasing vastly. Quite a lot of heroes and heroines who have a market across the country are endorsing many brands as ambassadors and modeling as well as influencer marketing as well. While this trend has been seeing rapid growth across the country, the way Telugu cinema and the Tollywood stars doing on a pan-India level is something remarkable.

Making endorsing a trend

Another trend is slowly taking brand promotion to another level. Actors are tying up with brands for their birthdays. Yes, this is the trend that is slowly injecting its agenda into the audiences and the public. Yesterday on the occasion of his birthday, actor Vijay Deverakonda through an ice cream party for fans across the country by associating with the popular ice cream brand Cream Stone.

Cream Stone, the mastermind

A day before his birthday, Vijay was seen at the Kondapur branch of Cream Stone. The brand itself can be seen promoting its products as well as the actor. Fans are thronging the branch to try `Vijaya Deverakonda Creations’ (VDC) and they were truckloads of ice cream distributed to fans of Vijay Deverakonda. Here, we can see that the marketing has been done very smoothly.

Deverakonda Ice cream trucks set off to distribute free ice cream on the occasion of his birthday. But it is the first time he is associated with a brand. In other words, the brand is using Vijay's fame and name to promote its products.

This new age marketing has been growing immensely as many brands are coming up with such marketing ideas for promoting their products by using the face value of celebrities.

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