10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World 2021

World beautiful women's countries list: Find out why these nations have such pretty women found nowhere else on the planet.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  15 Nov 2021 5:39 AM GMT
10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World 2021
Every woman born on this planet is beautiful in her own way! However, some women are born with stunningly attractive looks that instantly grab our attention. With sculpted faces, clear complexion, silky hair and gorgeous physique, there is no way we can take our eyes off these divas. Interestingly, 10 Countries get a reputation for having the most beautiful women in the world who carry themselves with utmost grace and elegance.

Read along to find out the details of the countries with the most beautiful women and get to know why these nations deserve a special mention!

10 Countries with the Best-Looking Women in the World:

Get to know which countries have the prettiest women on the planet:

1. Turkey:

Turkey is renowned for being the country with the most beautiful women! According to a survey, about 91% of Turkish women consider themselves pretty and good-looking. This belief comes from their self-confidence and maintenance. Women of this country are described having brown or dusky skins with glossy hair and sparkly eyes. Turkish women follow age-old beauty secrets to enhance their skin tone and overall beauty.

Experts believe that the sharp features of Turkish women come from the mixed genes in the country owing to different ethnicities. Turkey has also made many advancements in cosmetology and plastic surgery which can also be another reason for the majority of good-looking people. Apart from external beauty, Turkish women are also beautiful on the inside and respect their cultures and family values.

2. Brazil:

Brazilian women are one of the most beautiful people on the planet! With strong physiques, unique features and dark complexion, Brazilians look quite attractive. If you have ever been to this country, you will notice that people smile a lot. They radiate a lot of positive vibes and feel good from the inside. Another striking feature in Brazilian women is their naturally curvy bodies that most of us can only dream of achieving.

Some important lessons to learn from these beauties is that we must embrace our bodies and love ourselves the way we are born. However, Brazilian women do emphasis on regular grooming sessions to maintain their looks. They love getting facials, manis and pedis done to look flawless from top to bottom!

3. Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is famous for being the country with the most attractive-looking women in the world. The nation gives a tough competition to other countries in beauty pageants like Miss World and Universe. Puerto Rico contains a mixed bag of ethnicities which is responsible for creating such exotic-looking women. Some noticeable features of Puerto Ricans are tanned skin, slim bodies and waxed skins.

Also, Puerto Rico is a peaceful island nation that offers plenty of natural beauty for people to enjoy. There are lots of beaches which allow women to explore freely without any restrictions. This can be one of the main reasons why they have such super athletic bodies, sun-kissed complexions and confident personalities.

4. Russia:

Russian women epitomize elegance and feminine charm with their incredibly attractive personalities. In Russia, you can find women with dominant features like high cheekbones, fair skin, blue eyes, silky hair and tall figures. Russian people are ethnically quite diverse, which could be the reason behind their sharp features. A common aspect that we notice among a majority of Russian women is their love for dressing up!

Russians are very fond of makeup and spend a good number of hours in enhancing their natural looks with cosmetics and natural treatments. They also love dressing up and give a lot of importance to physical appeal. You will notice how everything they put on from head to toe aligns with the latest trends in the fashion world.

5. Philippines:

Philippines is voted as one of the countries with the prettiest women in the world. Filipino women have a lot of demand on international dating sites for their exotic looks. These women have many attractive features like almond-shaped eyes, silky hair, glass-like skin and slender bodies. Apart from their physical beauty, Filipino women are also known for being very polite and warm, just the kind of partner a man wants to start a family.

No wonder why many foreign men purposefully visit this country to find their prospective brides! Philippines is also rich in culture and diversity, making the people living in it all the more special. Women are raised to be independent yet homely and as stewards of their heritage.

6. India:

India is the land of the most beautiful women in the world. Indian women are renowned for their dusky skin, long hair, striking features and diverse body types. They look quite elegant and exude feminine charm in the way they carry themselves. Although Indian women look graceful in traditional attires like sarees, they can effortlessly carry western outfits too.

When we talk of the beauty of Indian women, we cannot ignore their color choices. From bold colors like green and orange to pastels like pink, Indian complexion goes with almost anyhue. Moreover, they prefer enhancing their natural beauty using ancient herbal remedies instead of cosmetics. Apart from these aspects, Indian women are valued for their intelligence and hard-working nature.

7. Venezuela:

Despite being an economically weak nation, Venezuela stands as a country with the most beauty pageant winners after the U.S. There is a lot of emphasis on beauty in this nation, as girls are groomed to become future beauty queens. Even small neighborhoods in Venezuela have women who look like models walking down the streets. The accepted beauty standards in this country are sculpted jawlines, small nose, perfect physique and high cheekbones.

To conform to these strict beauty norms, many women undergo plastic surgeries at a very early age. Most of the income that their families earn goes towards cosmetics and beauty, indicating the importance Venezuelans give towards physical appeal.

8. Argentina:

Argentina is another country which produces the maximum number of beauty queens. The country stands in the list of top 10 countries with the most beautiful women in the world. A common aspiration of the majority of Argentinian women is to become a model. Right from their childhood, girls shift their focus towards beauty and dressing up. Some noteworthy features of these ladies are tall frames, blonder hair, beady eyes and slim to thin physiques. However, these so-called beauty standards have been banned by the locals who advocate strongly for natural beauty in recent times.

So, you don't get to see women with a lot of makeup walking on the streets. Argentinian women now emphasize on looking good from the inside out rather than with contouring and makeup.

9. Columbia:

Columbia is known as a country with the most good-looking women in the world. The nation takes pride in having people of diverse cultures, races and ethnicities. This mixed ethnicity lends superior looks to the women which are unique to the country. Columbian beauty standards are a little rigid, comprising of voluptuous bodies, light eyes, fair skin etc. However, the fact that a lot of black and indigenous races live in the country are slowly changing the perception of beauty.

Columbians don't shy away from undergoing plastic surgeries to look perfect. Especially women who aspire to become models ensure that they meet all the Western beauty standards to attract onlookers. Regular people look gorgeous too, without the need for cosmetics or surgeries.

10. France:

When talking of the countries with the most beautiful women, there is no way one can ignore France. French women are notorious for being those enchanting seductresses who men cannot resist. They are a certain attitude which is combined with elegance and sophistication that is hard to replicate. French women have some excellent features like sculpted faces, sensuous figures, long legs and mysterious eyes.

They also have an impeccable sense of dressing that sets them apart from the rest of the world. Minimalism is the keyword here and emphasis is on comfort that combines chic. This is why the French women carry any look with a lot of oomph and confidence.

Those are the top 10 countries in the world with the most beautiful women. Do note that there is no standard definition of beauty and the perception of looking good comes from the locally accepted notions. While this list is based on the general opinion of netizens and tourists, we personally believe that every woman is equally pretty and worth it!
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