Freehand Rangoli: 15 Simple Muggulu(Kolam) Designs without Dots 2021

We have put together a list of 15 Easy rangoli designs without dots to adorn your home daily and festive season 2021.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  17 Nov 2021 6:02 AM GMT
Freehand Rangoli: 15 Simple Muggulu(Kolam) Designs without Dots 2021

Have you always tried your hands at doing Rangoli and failed miserably? Traditional Rangoli or Kolam comprises of joining dots to get various designs. It's a time taking process and demands a certain amount of practice to attain perfection. But who really has the time and patience these days? This is where freehand rangoli designs can make a difference! These rangoli designs without dots let you create beautiful patterns without the fuss of making dots.

Get ready to decorate your homes with these beginner-friendly rangoli designs without dots. Take these images as a reference and use your creativity to impress everyone around you!

15 Latest Rangoli Designs Without Dots:

Check out this collection of dotless rangoli designs for the upcoming festive season:

1. Simple White Kolam without Dots:

If you are looking for an easy Kolam without dots and colors to adorn the front yard of your house, there is one idea. This freehand rangoli is quite simple to make using just muggu or chalk powder. You can start from the center of the pattern and keep adding motifs to elaborate it. Make sure to give thick outlines for the rangoli to stand out. You can also sprinkle some flower petals to add a natural pop of color.

2. Beautiful Rangoli without Dots:

Here is another dotless kolam which works well for festivals and special occasions. The large-sized pattern is an ideal pick to decorate the center of your home or even your front yard. Just maintain symmetry to achieve perfection! First, start off with a small dot in the center and add some lines passing through it. Use these lines to create patterns and extend them outwards. Finally, add some leaf and floral motifs to complete the kolam.

3. Easy Border Rangoli Without Dots:

Sometimes all you need is a lovely border rangoli pattern to adorn the entrance of your house. Here is one such rangoli design without dots that works well like a single piece or along with a big kolam. You can easily replicate this idea by drawing two semi-circles. Now pour a thick layer of chalk powder into dots and use the tip of your fingers to full them out. This gives a nice floral pattern. You can use colors to fill the design and extend it by adding leaf designs on the outer area.

4. Freehand Mandala Design without Dots:

This type of freehand mandala is an ideal pick for festivals like Pongal and Dusshera. The beautiful, eye-catchy pattern is easy to make if you follow symmetry. First start with a dot in the center and add petals over it in an overlapping fashion. Use the space at the ends of the petals to create an extended floral design. Finish it with some fillers like mesh patterns, twirls and dots. You can notice the psychedelic effect of the kolam once it is complete.

5. Colorful Peacock Rangoli Design:

One of the most popular designs in rangoli without dots is the classic peacock motif. Not only is it easy to draw with a free hand, but also adds a lot of beauty to the entrance of the house. Here is one such design that combines florals and peacocks into one stunning piece. First draw the neck and face of the bird and make feather patterns on the top. Replace the body with floral patterns for a vibrant look and fill them with bright colors.

6. Leaf and Flower Rangoli without Dots:

Check out this big kolam pattern without dots that looks quite attractive. The pattern celebrates nature by combining the leaf motifs with colorful flowers. The best part is that it is a free-hand rangoli design which even beginners can replicate. First start with a circle in the center and draw leaf patterns around it. Create some floral patterns to extend the kolam. Use beautiful colors like yellow, orange, blue etc. to give a realistic look.

7. Lovely Bird Rangoli without Dots:

If you are willing to do something different than the usual patterns like peacocks and kolams, check out this idea. The bird rangoli without dots is sure to earn you a lot of compliments. It is a perfect pick for events like Ugadi, New Year or Vasantha Panchami. First take a chalk piece and draw the shape of a bird. Color it nicely with bright hues like blue or pink. Now add a green line with color powder to represent the branch. Make colorful dots and use a blunt object to draw floral shape. Use white powder to highlight the center of flowers for a beautiful look.

8. Diwali Rangoli Design without Dots:

Diwali calls for Diya rangolis that add color and beauty to your home. Here is one such easy rangoli design without dots that truly kicks in the festive spirit. Instead of regular Diya shape, you can try this trendy design made a semi-floral pattern. First draw a semi-circle shape and make petals on the lower half. Next, draw a fire motif and decorate it with thick dots of yellow and orange colors. Finally, use bright colors like green and red to fill the Diya pattern.

9. Swastik Rangoli Design without Dots:

Check out this beautiful Swastik rangoli design that you can easily do without the need for dots. The simple pattern decorated with bright colors makes it a perfect pick to adorn your living room, pooja room or even your front yard. Just make a Swastik using thick lines of a bright-colored powder like red. Use a comb or your fingers to create a wavy pattern. Next apply dots of white and green on the sides and use a small stick to create floral patterns. Don't you just love this idea?

10. Festive Floral Rangoli without Dots:

Here is another floral rangoli design without dots that works for festivals like Diwali, Sankranti, Dusshera etc. The easy and lovely pattern takes about 10-15 minutes to make, making it ideal for busy women. You can just select any plain surface on the floor and make a sketch of basic flower and leaf patterns. Using chalk powder, highlight the outlines and fill the insides with colors. Place some flowers or diyas in the center to steal the show.

11. Traditional Kalasha Rangoli without Dots:

Here is another unique rangoli design without dots that features a traditional Kalasha and lotus motif. This simple piece lends a grand look to your home. It is also an ideal pick for festivals and pujas which involves holy rituals as Kalasha is a sign of prosperity and a good omen. So, if you are willing to replicate this design, you can first draw a lotus motif and a Kalasha on top of it. Use natural earthy colors like brown, yellow, orange etc. to color this design. You can also add "Om" and "Swastika" symbols on top to complete the look.

12. Small Diwali Rangoli Design without Dots:

Diwali is not only a festival of lights but also of colors. To make this day even more special, you can try this colorful rangoli sans dots which brings in festive vibes. The easy Rangoli pattern involves very simple arrangement of circles and semi-circles. Just use a wet chalk piece to draw the basic pattern. Now fill a ketchup dispenser bottle with color powder and squeeze it over the outline to make thick dots. Don't forget to add the "Happy Diwali" message on top.

13. White and Red Kolam without Dots:

Check out this deepam kolam without dots that you can try for Diwali, Pongal or any important festival. You can do this Rangoli with free-hand using a white chalk or chalk powder. First, make a box with criss-cross lines to form a mesh pattern. Cover it on all sides using floral and diya patterns. Instead of using multi-colors, you can take Kumkum or red color powder to highlight the patterns. Since white and red combo is considered auspicious, you can try it for important rituals at home.

14. Large Rangoli Design without Dots:

If you are looking for a big rangoli pattern for the front yard without dots, here is an easy idea. This beautiful piece involves symmetrically arranging simple motifs. First start with making 3-4 concentric circles. Then, start adding your favorite motifs like flowers, waves, leaves etc. On the outer circle, you can create another border in a flower-like pattern. Finally, fill the entire design with beautiful colors to invite the attention of the onlookers.

15. Lotus Kolam Design without Dots:

Check out another easy Rangoli design without dots that features a lotus motif. Lotus is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and makes for a perfect motif to invite her into your home. Firstly, draw a lotus pattern using a chalk piece or white chalk powder. Now add two circles surrounding it and finish off with some leaf motifs on the outer side. Finally, take some red color powder to highlight the piece and add a bright look.

Those are some of the trending Rangoli designs without dots for festivals and special occasions. You can use these images as a reference and add your creativity to make them unique to your home. So, which of these rangolis are you willing to give a try? If you have any more such easy dotless kolam ideas, do let us know!

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