13 Celebrity Zodiac Signs with List of Famous People 2022

Let us check out the traits of famous celebs world-wide as per their birth Zodiac sign to know why are they so successful in life. Read along!

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  3 Jan 2022 6:20 AM GMT
13 Celebrity Zodiac Signs with List of Famous People 2022

Celebrities have a profound influence on their followers with their lifestyle, sartorial choices, behavior, and characters. We try to compare the commonalities between us and our favorite celebrities to 'predict' or interpret our chances of success and living an exemplary life like them. The easy way to do this is by studying the Celebrity Zodiac signs which determine your chances of becoming a famous singer, actor or a sportsperson. Curious to find out which celebrity shares your Zodiac sign? Could it be Rihanna or Deepika Padukone or Vicky Kaushal?

Read along to find out the generic traits of 13 Celebrity Zodiac signs along with a list of 10 famous celebrities who fall into each sign.

13 Zodiac Signs and Famous Celebrities Who Share Them With You:

Wait, didn't we have just 12 Zodiac signs? Just in case you missed out, there is a 13th Zodiac sign called Ophiuchus which got added to the list. Let us now look into analysis of each Zodiac sign and the list of celebrities under each to determine your chances of becoming rich and famous.

1. Aries Celebrities Male and Female:

Celebrities born between March 21 to April 19 fall under Aries, the first Zodiac sign represented by a Ram. Aries Celebrities are usually quite revolutionary, fearless trailblazers who prefer to take the road less-travelled. They display oodles of confidence and optimism irrespective of the circumstances. However, they can be quite exploitive and rebellious who won't care about anyone's judgments or opinions. They are absolutely committed, passionate, and honest when it comes to their work, which makes them leaders in their respective fields.
Here are 10 Aries Female Celebrities and 10 Aries Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Sarah Jessica Parker
> Reese Weatherspoon
> Kangana Ranaut
> Lady Gaga
> Emma Watson
> Rani Mukherjee
> Mariah Carey
> Kourtney Kardashian
> Jaya Bachchan
> Lara Dutta

> Elton John
> Mukesh Ambani
> Ajay Devgan
> Emraan Hashmi
> Akshay Khanna
> Eddie Murphy
> Robert Downey Jr.
> Seth Rogen
> Jackie Chan
> Paul Rudd

2. Taurus Sign Celebrities:

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign which falls between April 20-May 20 which is symbolised by a Bull. There are many famous celebrities across the world who encapsulate the qualities and stereotypes of this Zodiac sign. Taurus-born people are quite grounded and stay intact to their roots. They love stability in life and have a good sense of humour too. However, they do have a 'raging bull' side of them which comes out when they are angry. Celebs born in Taurus also display immense gratitude and contentment towards their lives. They do love to indulge in occasional pleasure and extravagance to celebrate life.
Here are 10 Taurus Female Celebrities and 10 Taurus Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Miranda Kerr
> Gigi Hadid
> Sunny Leone
> Madhuri Dixit
> Anushka Sharma
> Jessica Alba
> Gal Gadot
> Adele
> Janet Jackson
> Megan Fox

> John Cena
> Enrique Iglesias
> Suriya
> Varun Dhawan
> Jr. N.T.Rama Rao
> Joe Keery
> Travis Scott
> Dwayne Johnson
> David Beckham

3. Gemini Born Celebrities:

Gemini is the third Zodiac sign which runs from May 21 to June 20 symbolized by twins. Celebrities born in this sign are known to have a very flamboyant lifestyle and an active social life. They are born inquisitive and have a passion for work and life. Gemini Celebs are also extroverts and love to party with people. However, they can be a little indecisive about their opinions and may fall into trouble with their impulsive nature. So, if you spot a celeb sizzling on the dance floor or hopping around parties, they are most likely to be a Gemini.
Here are 10 Gemini Female Celebrities and 10 Gemini Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Angeline Jolie
> Sonam Kapoor
> Shilpa Shetty
> Liza Weil
> Emily Ratajkowski
> Natalie Portman
> Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen
> Ameesha Patel
> Kajal Aggarwal
> Anna Kournikova

> Karan Johar
> Kanye West
> Ilayaraja
> Karthi
> R.Madhavan
> Mithun Chakraborty
> Mohanlal
> Tom Holland
> Peter Dinklage
> Rahul Gandhi

4. Cancer Zodiac Celebrities:

Cancer is the 4th Zodiac sign that falls inbetween June 21 to July 22 and is symbolized by a crab. Cancer-born celebs are known to be deeply emotional, sensitive and nurturing. You can also notice a tinge of goofiness in your favorite Cancer-born celebrities, which comes natural to them. Just when you begin to enjoy their sense of humour, you will also start noticing them short-temper, hypersensitive and emotional side. Cancerians are quite protective about their loved ones and will go the extra mile to protect them. So, if you find your favorite celeb battling with mood swings, blame it on their Zodiac sign!
Here are 10 Cancer Female Celebrities and 10 Cancer Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Sonali Bendre
> Tahira Kashyap
> Meryl Streep
> Ariana Grande
> Khloe Kardashian
> Manisha Koirala
> Pamela Anderson
> Lindsay Lohan
> Priyanka Chopra
> Katrina Kaif

> Ranveer Singh
> Anurag Basu
> Elon Musk
> Chris Patt
> Tom Cruise
> Tom Hanks
> Vin Diesel
> Arjun Kapoor
> Zayed Khan
> Luke Bryan

5. Celebrities with Leo Zodiac Sign:

Celebrities born between July 23 and August 23 have Leo as their Zodiac sign. The fifth-star sign features the symbol of a lion that represents the fire element. Leo-born celebs are quite passionate about their work and hot-blooded too, just like a roaring lion. They are always brimming with energy and high-spirited. Since leadership comes naturally to them, they remain trailblazers in their fields. They are quite generous and respect everyone around them. On the flip side, Leo celebs are dominating and vain, which might get them into trouble.
Here are 10 Leo Female Celebrities and 10 Leo Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Jacqueline Fernandes
> Kajol
> Jennifer Lopez
> Meghan Markle
> Kylie Jenner
> Madonna
> Sandra Bullock
> Kiara Advani
> Sara Ali Khan
> Kriti Sanon

> Arnold Schwarzenegger
> Jason Mamoa
> Randeep Hooda
> Daniel Radcliffe
> Ben Affleck
> Chris Hemsworth
> Saif Ali Khan
> Siddharth Roy Kapur
> Mahesh Babu
> Manish Paul

6. Famous Virgo Celebrities:

Virgo celebrities are born between August 23 and September 22 and fall into the 6th Zodiac sign with the 'Virgin' symbol. These individuals are perfectionists and pay utmost attention to details. No wonder why they are successful in life! They are quite loyal, practical and sensible too. Their mental energy is hard to match as they constantly want to do something in life. However, this very trait can prove to be a bane sometimes as it can drain them out and push them into a state of stress and anxiety.

Here are 10 Virgo Female Celebrities and 10 Virgo Male Celebrities World-Wide:

> Beyonce
> Blake Lively
> Kareena Kapoor
> Shania Twain
> Shabana Azmi
> Radhika Apte
> Asha Bhonsle
> Cameron Diaz
> Salma Hayek
> Ramya Krishnan

> Akshay Kumar
> Aayushman Khurana
> Chris Pine
> Nick Jonas
> Mammootty
> Bill Murray
> Narendra Modi
> Richard Gere
> Jack Ma
> Karl Lagerfield

7. Libra Famous People:

Celebrities born between September 23 to October 23 fall into the seventh Zodiac sign, Libra. Just like the symbol of a balance, Libra Celebs are masters at balancing many things in their lives. Libras are highly creative people and do well in areas lie singing, acting and other artistic professions. They are also social creatures and love to keep their network strong. Libras always love being in the limelight and will do anything to stay in the news. However, they are attention seekers who will become upset when someone isn't paying them the attention they deserve.

Here are 10 Libra Female Celebrities and 10 Libra Male Celebrities World-Wide:

> Kim Kardashian
> Lata Mangeshkar
> Rekha
> Parineeti Chopra
> Serena Williams
> Naomi Osaka
> Bella Hadid
> Cardi B
> Catherine Zeta-Jones
> Dakota Johnson

> Amitabh Bachchan
> Ranbir Kapoor
> Eminem
> Will Smith
> Shaan
> Ronit Roy
> John Krasinki
> Snoop Dog
> Sunny Deol
> Zac Efron

8. Famous Scorpio People:

If your favorite Celebrities are born between October 24 – November 21, they fall into Scorpio, the 8th Zodiac sign represented by a Scorpion. People born in this sign tend to be quite mysterious and secretive. They like to keep things to themselves despite their extremely friendly nature. So, never expect a Celebrity Scorpio to reveal their private life to you. They simply won't! Scorpios are quite stubborn and have zero tolerance for betrayals.

Here are 10 Scorpio Female Celebrities and 10 Scorpio Male Celebrities World-Wide:

> Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
> Juhi Chawla
> Raveena Tandon
> Katy Perry
> Julia Roberts
> Kendall Jenner
> Kris Jenner
> Emma Stone
> Sania Mirza
> Sushmita Sen

> Shah Rukh Khan
> Leonardo DiCaprio
> Drake
> Ryan Gosling
> Gordon Ramsay
> Jimmy Kimmel
> Kamal Hassan
> Gerard Butler
> Owen Wilson
> Tom Ellis

9. Famous Sagittarius Celebrities:

Celebsborn between November 22- December 21 fall under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign. These people are known to be extremely passionate about their work and have great creative minds. They enjoy freedom and will not appreciate the feeling of being restricted by anyone. Saggis are also quite fun to be with and love to make new friends. They are highly intellectual creatures and make interesting conversations. On the downside, Sagittarius Celebs can turn quite reckless and overconfident sometimes.
Here are 10 Sagittarius Female Celebrities and 10 Sagittarius Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Scarlett Johnson
> Miley Cyrus
> Dia Mirza
> Ankita Lokhande
> Tammanah Bhatia
> Yami Gautam
> Britney Spears
> Lucy Liu
> Tyra Banks
> Nicki Minaj

> Rana Daggubati
> Govinda
> Rajinikanth
> John Abraham
> Riteish Deshmukh
> Yuvraj Singh
> Raj Kapoor
> Udit Narayan
> Pranab Mukherjee
> Suresh Raina

10. Capricorn Famous Birthdays:

Celebrities born between December 22 to January 19 fall into the 10th Zodiac sign, Capricorn that is represented by a goat. Capricorns are quite ambitious who always aim for the sky. They do know how to turn their dreams into reality by working extra hard and stretching that extra mile. Nature wise, Capricorns are quite calm and easy to manage. Discipline is a part of their nature and are sticklers to timelines. They have an excellent sense of humour in public, but beware; they can easily hurt you with their puns and sarcasm.
Here are 10 Capricorn Female Celebrities and 10 Capricorn Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Vidya Balan
> Deepika Padukone
> Twinkle Khanna
> Diane Keaton
> Kate Middleton
> Kate Moss
> Michelle Obama
> Betty White
> Dolly Patron
> Alison Brie

> Salman Khan
> Bradley Cooper
> Hrithik Roshan
> Zayn Malik
> Anil Kapoor
> Liam Hemsworth
> A.R Rahman
> Denzel Washington
> Siddharth Malhotra
> Orlando Bloom

11. Celebrity Zodiac Signs Aquarius:

The period between January 20-February 18 falls under the Aquarius Zodiac sign which is symbolized by a Water Bearer. This Celebrity Zodiac sign is known for development and progression in life. Celebs born in this star sign can easily influence others with their positive mindset and behaviour. They tend to be respectful to everyone around them and are quite passionate about making the world a better place to stay. However, things can do really wrong with them due to their unrealistic ambitions and expectations.
Here are 10 Aquarius Female Celebrities and 10 Aquarius Male Celebrities World-Wide:
> Shruti Hassan
> Preity Zinta
> Alicia Keys
> Ellen DeGeneres
> Oprah Winfrey
> Kerry Washington
> Shakira
> Emma Roberts
> Jennifer Aniston
> Paris Hilton

> Ed Sheeran
> Micheal Jordon
> Abhishek Bachchan
> Sushant Singh Rajput
> Cristiano Ronaldo
> Justin Timberlake
> Christian Bale
> Bobby Deol
> Jackie Shroff
> Ashton Kutcher

12. Pisces Celebrities:

Celebs born between February 18 to March 20 fall under the 12th Zodiac sign, which is Pisces that has the symbol of a fish. Pisces celebrities are quite sensitive and emotional. They are deep people who are aware of their inner emotions. Artistic nature is in-built in these celebs which is evident from the creativity they show in their everyday lives. As born dreamers, Pisces shine well in creative fields likeacting, music, art, dance etc. The down side with them is that they are overthinkers and always look at the 'half empty' side of life.

Here are 10 Pisces Female Celebrities and 10 Pisces Male Celebrities World-Wide:

> Rihanna
> Drew Barrymore
> Shraddha Kapoor
> Kristin Davis
> Dakota Fanning
> Lupita Nyong'o
> Rebel Wilson
> Catherine O' Hara
> Alia Bhatt
> Urvashi Rautela

> Daniel Craig
> Albert Einstein
> Justin Beiber
> Josh Groban
> Seal
> Aamir Khan
> Abhay Deol
> Anupam Kher
> Shashi Kapoor
> Gautam Menon

13. Ophiuchus Celebrities:

Bringing back what the Babylonians discarded long ago is the new Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus. It clashes a little bit with Sagittarius by marking the dates between Nov 29 to December 17 under it. Ophiuchus is known for its star power, which is evident from the famous celebrities with this Zodiac sign. The 'serpent bearer' sign indicates a stealthy, secretive nature which resembles that of a snake. However, this sign has many healing powers and can-do wonders to the people falling under it.

Here are the famous celebrities with Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign:

> Britney Spears
> Brad Pitt
> Julianne Moore
> John Abraham
> Taylor Swift
> Jay-Z
> Christina Aguilera
> Riteish Deshmukh
> Rajinikanth
> Dia Mirza

Those are the 13 Celebrity Zodiac Signs with list of famous celebrities under each. For the stars to favour you, there are two qualities you need to add – hard work and passion. Once you combine them, you will have the greatest success irrespective of your Zodiac sign. So, which celebrity shares your Zodiac sign?

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