From spiritual oneness to physical fitness, morning time has a ton of benefits

Incorporating mindful morning habits into your daily routine can lead to a calmer, more focused, and stress-free life

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  12 Sep 2023 3:30 AM GMT
From spiritual oneness to physical fitness, morning time has a ton of benefits

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Hyderabad: In a world where the pace of life seems to accelerate with each passing day, the importance of starting your morning on the right note cannot be overstated.

Incorporating mindful morning habits into your daily routine can lead to a calmer, more focused, and stress-free life. From early rising to digital detox, experts from various fields have chimed in on the transformative effects of these practices.

Experts discuss several morning activities you may include in your daily routine to improve well-being and set a positive tone for every day.

Early awakening

The Brahma Muhurta, or ‘Creator’s Time’, is the auspicious period around an hour and a half before sunrise in India. It has been noted that our creative capacity is at its greatest at this time.

If you want to learn new things, improve your talents, or even your health, this is the time. The cosmos is like a womb filled with cosmic energy at this wondrous hour when the day begins. If you are awake at this time, you may readily absorb this energy. Early awakening helps you to start your day calmly, laying the groundwork for a stress-free morning.

Dr Goggi Srikanth, a renowned psychologist from Hyderabad specialising in stress management, emphasises the significance of embracing the golden hour before sunrise.

“The Brahma Muhurta or Creator’s Time is a period when our creativity is at its peak,” he says. “This is an ideal time for personal growth and skill development. Waking up early can set a serene tone for the day, reducing stress and promoting a sense of calmness.”

Enjoying alone time

A peaceful morning allows for growth through isolation: a place where reflection and self-discovery meet.

Communicating with oneself via meditation or scripture reading fosters emotional resilience and self-awareness. The refuge of isolation feeds the spirit, bolstering it against the clamour of worries of the outside world.

A contemplative start to the day sets the tone for a stress-relieving mentality. Staying quiet, even for a few seconds, encourages the mind to refocus on the current moment.

Fitness enthusiasts also have a lot to say about morning routines. Nazia Panjwani, a yoga and meditation instructor, believes that solitude and meditation are powerful tools for emotional resilience. “Practices like meditation and reading scriptures create a sanctuary of solitude,” Panjwani says. “This allows individuals to cultivate self-awareness, reducing the impact of external stressors.”

Nutritionist Mallika Reddy adds her insights on the importance of nourishing the body in the morning. “A balanced breakfast is crucial for sustaining energy levels throughout the day,” she says. “Starting your day with the right nutrients not only fuels your body but also has a positive impact on your mental state, making you more resilient to stress.”


A strong yogic method that resonates with the body’s energy centres, or chakras, is chanting mantras or holy sounds. You can relieve tension and foster harmony by vocalising harmonious sounds.

For example, the Om mantra is recognised for its vibratory properties that relax the mind and relieve tension. Chanting this mantra during your morning ritual might help to create a calm and pleasant environment.

Yoga expert, Dr Hansaji Yogendra, speaks about the power of chanting mantras in the morning. “Chanting mantras, especially Om, can resonate with your body’s energy centres and promote harmony,” he says. “The vibrational qualities of mantras have a calming effect on the mind, which is crucial for reducing stress.”

Jal Neti

Jal Neti is a method of cleaning the nasal passages with water. It activates nerve endings while also cooling your brain.

Kapalabhati should come after Jal neti. To activate your energy pathways, perform 30 rounds of Kapalabhati. This practice not only clears the sinuses and improves respiratory health, but it also has a calming impact on the neurological system, reducing tension and boosting mental clarity.

Incorporating traditional yogic techniques into your morning routine can also be highly beneficial. Dr Lisa Patel, a yoga practitioner, recommends Jal Neti and Kapalabhati for their stress-relieving properties.

Physical activity

“Exercise, whether it’s yoga, brisk walking, swimming, or sports, releases endorphins,” says fitness coach Ravi Kiran. “These natural mood enhancers help regulate cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone, bringing balance to your body’s chemistry.”

Physical activity in the morning is essential for stress reduction and to improve cognitive performance, according to Kiran. Physical activity is beneficial for stress reduction when woven into the fabric of the morning routine.

Practising gratitude

Writing a gratitude diary is a great morning ritual. Spend a few minutes each morning writing down three things you’re thankful for. This practice redirects your attention away from worries and cultivates a good mentality, establishing a peaceful tone for the remainder of the day.

Practising thankfulness transforms tension into tranquillity. Taking a minute to notice the gifts that encircle your life when the morning light bathes the planet in its beautiful warmth provides a positive perspective. Keeping a gratitude notebook or practising daily affirmations promotes satisfaction.

“Maintaining a gratitude journal shifts focus away from stressors,” Dr Goggi Srikanth says. “It cultivates a positive mindset, setting a harmonious tone for the rest of the day.”

Digital detoxification

In an age of constant connectedness, the calm early hours are ideal for disconnecting from the digital world. This digital detox window enables actual interaction with oneself and one’s surroundings. You may offer your mind the luxury of continuous respite by avoiding the flood of emails, texts, and notifications. This will allow you to restore your mental space and avoid the tension caused by constant internet connections.

The digital age has brought connectivity but also an incessant flow of information. Tech expert Mahindra Gopu advocates for a digital detox during the quiet morning hours.

“Detaching from the digital realm in the morning allows genuine engagement with oneself and the physical environment,” Gopu explains. “It provides a much-needed mental break, reducing stress from constant digital interactions.”

Conscious planning

Time management coach Mary Sinha underscores the value of mindful planning. “Having a structured plan for the day can prevent stress-induced chaos,” Sinha says. “It instils a sense of control and organisation, making it easier to handle responsibilities with poise.”

An organised schedule for the day can help avoid stress-induced disarray. Keep a notebook to describe chores, prioritise duties, and set realistic objectives.

These practices have far-reaching advantages that go beyond stress reduction. Accepting these practices with an open heart and a readiness to investigate will undoubtedly lead to a more tranquil, centred, and stress-free existence.

Along with these focused morning behaviours, you should have a nutritious breakfast before work. Avoid spending time, daydreaming, eating, or engaging in stressful activities during these early hours. Such activities will just sap your energy.

Embracing mindful morning habits can lead to a more peaceful, centred, and stress-free life. As the morning sun rises, beckoning the possibilities of a new day, these practices offer profound benefits that extend beyond mere stress reduction. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you can embark on a journey towards a balanced existence and a brighter future.

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