From vegan to pet-friendly cafes: Try these top cafes in Sainikpuri

There are eateries and cafes along the entire route from the gas station AS Rao (located next to the Jyoti Rao Phule monument) all the way up to Defence Colony

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  4 Jun 2023 11:20 AM GMT
From vegan to pet-friendly cafes: Try these top cafes in Sainikpuri

Hyderabad: When you think of Sainikpuri, do you picture wide open spaces and residential areas with sporadic restaurants? Then it is obvious that you haven’t visited this area in Secunderabad recently. Before the lockdown, going out to dine meant frequenting the same establishments. Typically at the welcoming neighborhood Leo’s, which has a fleet of delivery personnel. Or at small shawarma businesses that are mainly managed by students but are progressively closing down.

Cut to 2023. There are eateries and cafes along the entire route from the gas station AS Rao (located next to the Jyoti Rao Phule monument) all the way up to Defence Colony.

Today, within half a km of the route, more than 15 cafes and eateries have opened. This includes well-known brands like Starbucks and Third Wave coffee, the contemporary Indian restaurant Anna Native, the bar at 10 Downing Street, Urban, HouseParty, and more.

But nothing beats relaxing in a cafe at the end of a long workday. Ride towards Sainikpuri if you want to find a unique place to relax after clubbing at the typical locations in Jubilee Hills and Gachibowli because the area is blossoming with new cafes nearly every other month. Even better, you wouldn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet or whine about having a hangover the next day.

You can enter these exquisitely designed cafes with friends or co-workers and take pleasure in the charming environment, sizzling hot coffee and appetizers, and delectable desserts. You may sample the many cold coffees, mojitos, and coolers that are available at these venues during the summer. Most of these cafes may be easily captured on Instagram. If you’re seeking vegan choices, check out cafe E’woke, and if you’re in the mood for tea, try Chai Kahani.

Let’s take a look at some of the top cafes in Sainikpuri.

F3 cafe & bistro

The greatest cuisine and mocktails in Sainikpuri are by far served at this cafe, which is also reasonably priced. The original cold coffee, hot sizzling brownie, chicken Bolognese, Grande Nachos, Mexican baby potato, Kung Pao chicken, BBQ chicken wings, and loose fried prawns are some of their best-selling items.

F3 offers indoor, outdoor, and rooftop dining. Try their mango slush and watermelon punch.

Many young people are seen lounging at the cafe, which plays soothing music.

"This is my favourite cafe to hang out at, the food is great and I absolutely love the lotus stem stir fry, it is a must try" said a frequent visitor.

Flamingo Cafe Le Estamine

With rooftop and outdoor seating, delectable food, and welcoming staff, Flamingo is a sophisticated cafe that you should definitely check out. The traditional cold coffee here will quickly cool you off during this scorching summer. Additionally, sample the fried prawns in tempura, nasi goreng, and raspberry mojito.

There is also a swing in the outdoor space that you may use to relax or take photos.

The Big Owl Cafe

This location is a must-visit if you want to enjoy a rooftop experience with screenings of various sports. Try the gol gappas and mojitos while you’re there, and spend some time with your buddies playing foosball and board games.


Concu opened its doors in Sainikpuri a little more than a year ago, and ever since, it has drawn a respectable clientele. You’ll be tempted to take pictures with the greenery and outdoor chairs, and the relaxing music will help you forget your concerns.

There are many options on the menu, including a variety of salads, sandwiches, bagels, burgers, pizzas, croissants, and coffee, as well as upscale teas, milkshakes, and sodas. Desserts like macaroons, strawberry tarts, tiramisu, cheesecakes, and cupcakes are delicious to eat.

"I was very excited when concu opened up in Sainikpuri, I love their desserts. Their red velvet cake melts in the mouth" said Shreya Peesara.

W-Cafe by Wich Way

W-Cafe by Wich Way is the place to go if you’re searching for a cafe to have a breakfast fit for a king.

Try their coffee, spaghetti, sandwiches, and pancakes while you’re there. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced.

The interior seating is distinctive since it is comfortable and the chairs are lower than the ground.

The Coffee Cup

The Coffee Cup has a very rustic atmosphere thanks to its tiered wooden deck, exposed brick interior walls, and glass exterior. As soon as you enter the cafe, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee will make all your problems disappear.

The owner, Varun Sharma, is responsible for the café’s interior design and superhero motif, according to Venkat, the restaurant’s manager.

“Sainikpuri market is price concerned even after more than 10 years in the industry. Thoughts are gradually shifting. We are still behind Jubilee-Banjara rates. Let’s move forward incrementally,” he continued.

The mushrooming possibilities are welcomed, according to Varun Sharma of Coffee Cup, who believes that they would inspire everyone in the food industry to up their game. Varun contrasts this by saying, “We have largely cafes; everyone sells pizza and spaghetti! We also need restaurants that provide Punjabi, Bengali, and other cuisines. I sincerely hope that some of them have plans to open in Sainikpuri.” According to Varun, the development is a “Tier 2 city growing into Tier 1.”

Faisal, the creator of Euphoria brownies, said, “When Varun Sharma originally opened Coffee Cup in 2009, they were the forerunners of the local cafe industry. Others are now catching on to what Varun noticed back then. The area’s untapped market potential is attracting brands. Residents of Sainikpuri were also severely lacking in dining options. No one can stop us now.”

Coffee Cup offers a huge, scrumptious menu that includes anything from baked goods to grilled food.

The charming book section features a large selection of books for both reading and buying.

La Vie En Rose cafe

If you don’t have the money to visit the flower cafes in France, you may drive to La Vie En Rose in Sainikpuri. You’ll instantly feel charming after getting your picture taken at the pink-themed cafe.

The owner, Likhitha Samineni, said “not just women, but even men are proudly getting photographed amidst the pink theme.”

You should get the pink sauce spaghetti, nude burgers, strawberry pancakes, milkshake, cakesicle, and sundaes in clouds from the menu, which we highly recommend.

Groove 9

Groove 9 is the ideal location if you want to have a cup of coffee in a peaceful environment with roaming bunnies, ducks, and cute kittens.

The cafe has indoor seating as well, and meals and drinks are fairly priced. A must-stop in the summertime since the outdoor furniture and twinkling lights will lift your spirits.

Olive Mithai, Mahendra Mithaiwala, Dumont, and Theobroma are a few places to go for dessert. The area also features a lot of tea hangouts as well as the unique vegan restaurant E’woke, which is pet-friendly. The other well-known hangouts are Eatalia Dhaba, Ram ki Bandi, and The Belgian Waffles.

Mohan of E-woke Vegan Cafe says, “The locals here have always been aware of new trends and various cuisines. It’s just the lack of such places that pushed residents to venture out of this area.”

He adds, “Sainikpuri was where I grew up, and I wanted to do something for our community. When my partners and I invested here, we knew this place would boom.”

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