15 Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Workplace (Office, Hospitals, Etc..)

Looking for easy hairstyles for the office? Check out this article to explore 15 professional hairstyles for working women of all hair lengths.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  9 Nov 2021 7:06 AM GMT
15 Cute and Easy Hairstyles for Workplace (Office, Hospitals, Etc..)

Are you a working woman who races against time every morning to finish domestic chores and stay punctual to office timings? But what about looking smart to that board meeting where important VIPs are taking part? No matter how good you are at work, maintaining a neat appearance is essential to making lasting impressions. If planning for outfits and makeup is one challenge, styling your hair is another. Fortunately, there are many easy, low-maintenance hairstyles for working women, which can save tons of time, effort and stress every morning!

This article lists different professional hairstyles for working women based on short, medium and long length hair. From interviews to client meetings and even after-office parties, these versatile hairstyles add an elegant and sophisticated look every single day!

15 Trending Stylish Hairstyles for Business Women, Nurses, Teachers, and Office Work 2021:

Studies show that an average woman spends anywhere between 30-50 minutes per day in hair styling alone. There is no way a working women can afford to spend so much time on her hair every day. This is why we have curated these easy and natural office hairstyles for women which go well with Indian and western formal outfits.

Let's learn about each of these hairstyles based on your preferred hair length:

Hairstyles for Working Women with Short Hair:

Most women prefer to go for short-length hair to save a lot of time in styling and maintenance. However, a short-length hairstyle doesn't always have to be a boring straight cut or a bob. There are tons of office-appropriate hairstyles which bring in a fine blend of style and comfort. Even on a wash day, you can pull them off with ease and confidence by applying a pea-sized amount of styling cream. Adding a plain hairband or a pin can keep your locks in control and make you look like a million bucks at work.

Ready to explore these five short-length corporate hairstyles for working women?

1. Smooth Bob with Side Part:

A smooth bob is a classic short hairstyle for working women which never goes out of style. You can give a modern touch to this hairdo is to add a side part. Brushing your hair sideways adds some depth and volume to the crown along with keeping it edgy and corporate-chic! This hairstyle suits women with long faces of almost all age groups.

2. Layered Pixie Cut:

Want to add some serious volume to your hair? Go for this layered pixie cut which is ideal for corporate women above 50 years of age with short hair. The idea is to add lots of layers to the crown to lift up the roots and bring in a textured effect. This smart and feminine hairstyle works well for women who look for all-day comfort and almost nil maintenance.

3. Asymmetrical Cut for Wavy Hair:

Women with wavy hair find it hard to manage their locks while at work. This is where the asymmetrical cut proves advantageous! The short-length hairstyle for working women adds an edgy and sophisticated look with your natural waves. You can use a styling mousse or a gel to hold the waves in place and let you focus on your work!

4. Straight Lob with Front Bangs:

Do you have an extra-long forehead that takes way the look of your face? Cover it smartly with this professional hairstyle for women! The straight lob defines your collar bone while the front bangs give a cropped look to your face. You can play around with the length of the bangs based on your face shape and size.

5. Choppy Boy cut:

Here is a zero-effort hairstyle that suits quite well for round and petite faces. The choppy boy cut officially made into the list of corporate hairstyles of many female CEOs for its effortlessness. Adding uneven layers on the crown brings a womanly feel to the otherwise masculine cut. Apart from making you look office-worthy, the choppy boy cut lets you stay ahead of everyone by saving the time required to style your hair every day.

Medium-Length Hairstyles for Working Women:

Many women prefer medium or shoulder-length hair as it complements the natural shape of the face. Medium length hair allows women to experiment with different hairstyles depending on the mood and occasion at work. From messy buns to casual waves and even braids, you can try a myriad looks. Additionally, medium length hair is quite easy to maintain and style using heat tools or setting mousse. The idea is to bring in some freshness to your everyday look and invite tons of compliments for your fashion sense.

6. Sleek Low Bun:

The sleek low bun is one of the most popular hairstyles for working women with medium-length hair. By tying your hair into a bun, you can save yourself from a bad hair day. The bun conceals all your frizz, dryness, damages and split ends. Plus, it leaves a professional look without trying too hard. Adding a pin or two on the sides can tame flyaways and give you a one hundred percent smart look!

7. Medium Shag Haircut:

If you are not willing to go too formal, try the shag hairstyle. This simple and stylish hairstyle for working women goes well for the office and beyond too. To achieve this, keep the root section sleek and straight while finishing the ends with choppy layers. This hairstyle suits well for all hair types, face shapes and age groups.

8. Sleek Bob with Wavy Ends:

Check out this ultra-glamorous hairstyle that lets you flaunt your natural hair texture. The sleek bob with wavy ends adds a flowy and voluminous look. You can achieve this style by opting for a medium-length haircut with wavy edges. Use a styler to create smooth curls for extra definition. Finally, you can extend this look to an after-office party by adding a shiny accessory to your hair.

9. Centre-Partitioned Low Ponytail:

A low-ponytail is easily one of the easiest and stylish hairstyles for office-going women. By tying the ponytail below the ears, you can prevent the roots from getting damaged. Giving a middle-partition can instantly transform your look from boring to inspiring! By taking away all the hair away from your face, the hairstyle highlights your beautiful facial features.

10. Half Up Half Down:

If there is one hairstyle that never lets you down, it's the classic half up and half down. The medium-length hairdo adds a sporty, playful look to your corporate avatar. You can simply divide your hair into two sections and tie the upper part with a band or a clip. Finally, add some soft waves or curls to the lower half to create the best impressions at your client meeting.

Office Hairstyles for Women with Long-Length Hair:

Not every woman prefers to chop off her long, luscious locks! If you have long hair that touches your waistline or below, your styling options are more than you can imagine. You can simply twist it into an office-appropriate bun, braid it or even go for a simple high ponytail. The best part about long hairstyles is that you need not worry about frizz and dryness ruining it. You can conceal all its flaws with an elegant hairstyle and stay charming the whole day. What's more? They are absolutely easy to replicate and require no more than 10-15 minutes to make at home.

11. Sleek High Ponytail:

When in doubt, wear a sleek high ponytail to work! This timeless style works for women of all professions, right from CEOs to restaurant workers. The idea is to invite some springiness to your hair by pulling the hair against gravity. Instead of a flat crown, add a light buff to lift up the roots and create some height.

12. Bubble Braid:

A bubble braid is a savior for many working women who find it hard to braid their hair during a time crunch. All you need is a comb and some rubber bands to do the job! Just tie a regular ponytail first and keep adding bands to equal sections of the pony. Use a pointy object to tease the strands between the bands and create a 'bubble' effect.

13. French Twist Ponytail:

A French twist ponytail looks quite complicated and a time-taking job for working women! In reality, this cute corporate hairstyle takes less than 5 minutes to achieve. Just hold your hair with your right hand and twist it tightly until two or more twists are formed. Use bobby pins and a rubber band to secure the shape all-day long. Lo! You are ready!

14. Knotted Bun Updo:

Here is another classic updo for working women like nurses that is quite easy to replicate on a busy morning. It is a perfect blend of sophistication and style along with long-lasting comfort. To achieve this hairstyle, just braid all the way down using the French way of braiding and tie up your hair into a bun. Next, use bobby pins to secure the bun in place.

15. Classic Top Knot:

Check out this professional women's hairstyle for women of all groups. The classic top knot steals the attention of the onlookers and presents you with utmost grace. It highlights your features and makes your jawline look for pronounced. You can add a casual vibe to this updo by pulling out for a few strands from the sides or adding a small braided section.

Those are some of the easy and corporate-appropriate hairstyles for working women. You can use them as a basic guideline to style your hair in the mornings. With practice, it gets easy to add your own twist to these hairdos without going overboard. The buzzword is to keep it simple, elegant and on the point!

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