'The Falaknuma’: How Hyderabad designers' Nizam-inspired `Shades of India’ redefine fashion

`The Falaknuma’ is inspired by Hyderabad's Nizam culture, rare Khanjar Lace is handcrafted by artisans Afzal Mia and Laddha ji from Hyderabad's old bazaars

By Anoushka Caroline Williams  Published on  2 Feb 2024 5:13 AM GMT
The Falaknuma’: How Hyderabad designers Nizam-inspired `Shades of India’ redefine fashion

Hyderabad: Shades of India, a 30-year-old textile and clothing label, has introduced its latest festive collection `The Falaknuma’.Inspired by Hyderabad's rich Nizam culture, co-founders David Housego and Mandeep Nagi’s passion for textiles transcends borders.

In honoring this collection, they commend the elegance of Indian textiles and recognize the endorsement from celebrities like Vidya Balan, Alia Bhatt, Sanya Malhotra, Konkana Sen, and Lisa Rani Ray.

The brand's previous festive collection, `Rangrez’, celebrated color, nostalgia, and timelessness.

Mandeep highlights the distinctive feature of `The Falaknuma’ – the rare Khanjar Lace, painstakingly handcrafted by artisans Afzal Mia and Laddha ji from Hyderabad's old bazaars.

The co-founder emphasizes the unique blend of metal wires and sequins in hand embroidery, acquiring a vintage look over time, and adding a special dimension to the collection.

"The motifs specific to The Falaknuma are intricately hand-embroidered. Matsya, anar, floral, and fauna motifs are used in the collection," said Mandeep,

The fabrics, including twill silk, tissues, velvet, and organza, offer a diverse range of garments from garara, sharara, shawl, dupattas to kurta with pant set and saris with blouse.

Mandeep reflected on the brand's future, saying, "Yes, but let that be a surprise!"

As Shades of India continues to weave tales of timeless luxury and cultural homage, enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the surprises and narratives that the brand's upcoming creations will unfold.

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