How to Decorate Bedroom Walls? 20 Unique Ideas for You!

In this article, we have collected 20 Trending Bedroom Wall Decor concepts which transform a boring wall into a statement backdrop.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  8 Dec 2021 5:24 AM GMT
How to Decorate Bedroom Walls? 20 Unique Ideas for You!

A bedroom is undeniably our favorite part of the home, where we cuddle up with our loved ones or just quietly have some 'me time' moments. It is also the place where we unwind a stressful day and enjoy quality sleep. So, it's important to create the right environment in the bedroom to uplift our moods and calm our senses. Unfortunately, we ignore the bedroom that typically stands bare and boring as we tend to focus only on the bed, flooring and other accessories

Interior experts opine that decorating a bedroom wall will greatly add to the aesthetics of the room and transform its overall look. So, to make matters easy for you, we have picked 20 Trendy Bedroom Wall Décor Ideas to beautify your spaces.

20 Trending Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom:

Let us now check out the different styles and ways to decorate a bedroom wall:

1. Wall Mirror Decor:

One of the best wall décor ideas for bedroom is a mirrored wall art, which dramatically lifts the look of your room. Mirrors add a whole new dimension to the room and creates the illusion of a bigger space. They also reflect light and amplifies the glamour element in your bedroom. Mirror wall arts come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the dimensions of your bedroom wall. If you are looking for a single piece, then opt for a bigger one and place it at the centre of the wall for a statement look.

2. Photo Gallery Wall:

Let your bedroom wall take a trip down the memory lane by converting into the photo gallery. If you are not into hanging pictures of people, then try displaying your favorite art pieces. The idea is to add layers to the wall by choosing frames of different sizes and shapes. Choose a layout that captures all the pictures into a cohesive artwork. You can also pick themes such as retro, black and white, colors, abstract etc. to add uniformity. An expert tip would be to mix photographs with art pieces for a unique, eye-catchy bedroom wall décor.

3. Decorative Wallpaper:

A wallpaper instantly transforms a dull room into a lively space. Using a wallpaper bedroom décor is a quick and economic way to hide the imperfections on your wall. It adds a depth to your room and creates a visually perfect environment. Neutrals and subtle prints offer a calm and relaxing look, which is just what you need for a bedroom. However, modern homes demand for statement prints in bold colors like black which can transport you into a a magical world. Also, look out for textures like embossed prints, metallics and natural ones like jute, grasscloth etc. if you want a unique décor.

4. Bedroom Wall Sayings:

Add a unique element of daily inspiration and motivation to your bedroom wall with home wall décor sayings. Wall quotations are an interesting alternative to solid wall paints and let you express your emotions and philosophies. You can also opt for religious sayings like mantras or phrases to add a spiritual touch to your bedroom. Wall decals are also easy for customization to let you play around the wordings, fonts and colors. They are also readily available as stickers which are easy to transfer to the walls. Try to pick the letters in a contrast color to the wall for better visibility.

5. 3D Wall Panels:

Convert your bedroom wall into an insta-worthy background by using 3D wall panels. The panels are usually made with materials like PVC or wood for better durability and resistance. They add a textural effect to turn a wall into an eccentric piece that sparks conversations. 3D panels come in a variety of colors, textures and designs to suit bedrooms of different sizes and shapes. From neutrals to bold hues, simple designs to trendy patterns, 3D panels refresh the environment of your bedroom and add an element of drama.

6. Macrame Wall Hangings:

Add a boho flair to your bedroom wall by using a Macrame hanging. Macrame art involves tying threads into knots to create beautiful patterns with fringes at the end. They are made with sustainable fibres to add a natural, relaxed look to your bedroom. You can try neutrals like beige, white or opt for tie and die prints, ombre effects to add an interesting touch to the wall. They come in different patterns like flowers, dream catchers etc. and some even have added embellishments like beads and feathers for a chic look.

7. Modern Bedroom Wall Painting:

An effortless way to bring completeness to your bedroom is by hanging a modern painting on the wall. When chosen properly, a wall painting can transform the entire look of the room and convert the backdrop into an accent wall. A painting can also add an instant color palette to otherwise neutral interior to invite that 'wow' factor. Choosing the right spot on the wall to hang the painting can create a focal point and draw the attention of your eye. That's not all! Paintings can also add a textural element to the wall and create a sense of depth to the room.

8. Rustic Wall Decor:

Another popular bedroom wall décor is the use of rustic elements like wood, metal etc. These pieces create a rural, natural ambience in the bedroom with their crude make. You can opt for rustic style planters, jute hangings, straw elements etc. DIY Rustic wall decorative items look the best as they have a distinctive warm appearance. Try making some wooden frames or straw wreaths with dry flowers. If you don't have the time to make them, try looking for some unique pieces in the stores to spice up the look of your walls.

9. Bedroom Wall Lights:

Wall light decor add a charming look and bring in a whole new dimension to your bedroom. Lights serve as decorative elements to a room and also create a textural effect on the wall. Using low-voltage lights can add some warmth and cosiness to the room, along with setting a right mood. Instead of using traditional bed lamps, trying arranging them along with decorative panels to uplift the beauty of your room.

10. Wooden Shelves:

Adding wooden shelves to a bedroom wall serves two purposes – gives you additional storage space and improve the aesthetics of your room. Instead of traditional cupboards that take away a lot of space, try using floating wall shelves which are removable and versatile. They are quite easy to install and add a classy look to the room. Fixing lights underneath greatly improves the visual appeal and gives you a 2 in 1 advantage.

11. Bedroom Wall Planters:

If you are looking for a bedroom wall décor idea that adds greenery to your space, try installing wall planters. These planters help you utilize the space inside your room, along with giving you that perfect dose of vegetation. Depending on the theme of your bedroom, you can choose from different types of wall planters like macrame hanging planers, glass planters, metallic planters etc. You can also use them for displaying dry or artificial flowers if maintaining real plants is not your cup of tea.

12. Bedroom WallPaint Stencils:

Wall Stencil art easy way to spruce up the look of your bedroom walls. They are mostly DIY and quite affordable compared to installing designer wall art pieces. All you need are some spray paints and a few stencils to do the job. However, an expert can bring perfection to the wall décor by paying attention to the finest of details. You can pick different motifs like flowers, cartoon characters, religious symbols etc. which reflect your individual taste and personality.

13. Rug Wall Art:

Who says rugs are only for the floor? Modern interior designers vouch for using decorative rugs to cover up a plain bedroom wall and add a textural element to it. You can pick a beautiful looking rug and hang it as a centrepiece. Add some extra elements like bed lamps, planters which bring in completeness to the decor. Select the color of rug based on the wall paint color to avoid monotones or boring combinations.

14. Metallic Wall Art:

Metallic wall art adds an instant focal point to your bedroom walls and enrich the overall look of the space. Choose a statement metallic hanging that can cover up a portion of the wall and add a decorative look. When done right, metallic wall arts bring richness to the room and add an interesting character. You can pick floral metal arts, mandalas and small metal frames that go well with other accessories.

15. Bedroom Wall Stickers:

Wall Decals offer an effortless solution for decorating a bedroom wall. They come in different sizes and shapes with an easy-to-transfer sticker format. You can gently peel them and paste on a smooth wall to enjoy their beauty. Decals add an interesting character to them room and speak a lot about your individual tastes and benefits. From traditional motifs to funky designs, you can pick one according to the theme of the room. Funky designs and cartoon character decals are quite popular askids' bedroom wall décor.

16. Street Signboards:

If you are fond of street style decoration, try installing road signboards! Not only do these elements cover up your walls, but also offer a refreshing approach to decorating the room. While others are busy doing florals and geometries, you can take the quirky route with these signboards. Street wall arts feature signs like stop, take diversion, etc. which give the impression of living on a busy street. You can customize them to feature names, birthdays or personal messages like "Do not enter My Room" etc.

17. Musical Instruments:

Showcase your passion for music and musical instruments by trying out this bedroom wall décor style. For achieve this, smoothen the wall and arrange your favorite musical instruments. Guitars make a beautiful addition among the many instruments, especially in guys bedrooms. By using these elements, you can almost feel the energy of music in your room and get inspired to chasing your passion. Whether you are a budding musician or simply a music lover, this décor is a must-try for your bedroom.

18. Festive Wreaths:

Invite the festive spirit to your bedroom by adding festive wreaths to the wall. Wreaths add a vintage look and bring in some nostalgia. They also make for a wonderful décor element during festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving to mark the beginning of the celebrations. Choose a nice spot above the bed to hang your festive wreaths along with added accessories like Socks, balls, garlands etc. Also try adding some fresh florals to the wreath on days like your anniversary to add a romantic touch.

19. Wall Tapestry:

Wall tapestries feature an elaborate design of an art work that instantly uplifts the look of a room. Along with giving a decorative feel to your bedroom, tapestries also serve functional purposes. They hide the flaws of your bedroom wall and even insulate the room with their thick fabrics. Choosing a tapestry in bright colors can add a character to the bedroom and work as a wall accent. It is always a good idea to analyse if the design and color palette will blend with the rest of the room before you buy one!

20. Boho Fairy light Wall:

fairy light wall hangings are quite popular teenage bedroom wall décor elements. They add a whimsical boho touch to the room and transport you instantly to the la-la land. Fairy lights are quite inexpensive and easy to install in any bedroom. Use them along with strips of transparent fabrics or create patterns using a tape to decorate your wall. You can also use pre-made fairy light drapes and hang them on the wall for an extra touch.

Those are some of the most popular Wall décor ideas for bedrooms, which work in almost all sizes and shapes of a room. You can use these concepts as a reference and create a unique one for your room. So, which one of these are you willing to giving a try!

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