Waterfalls of Adilabad: Come, fall in love with Telangana's 'Niagara Falls'

In recent years, especially after the formation of Telangana State, a lot of amateur nature exploration has taken place which has brought to light hitherto unknown waterfalls located deep within the forests.

By S. Harpal Singh  Published on  16 July 2022 6:48 AM GMT
Waterfalls of Adilabad:  Come, fall in love with Telanganas Niagara Falls

Adilabad: Love at first sight can happen even with a place. The numerous and enticingly gushing waterfalls that dot the hilly countryside, especially in Adilabad and Kumram Bheem Asifabad districts are just one of the alluring reasons for falling in love with the place.

Not that the pristine environment in Adilabad and KB Asifabad, or for that matter Mancherial and Nirmal districts, is any less enchanting during the dry summer months or during the often extremely chilly winters, it is the monsoon that beckons nature lovers in droves. In recent years, especially after the formation of Telangana State, a lot of amateur nature exploration has taken place which has brought to light hitherto unknown waterfalls located deep within the forests.

There are a plethora of hill streams across the undulating terrain across which these waterfalls, some small and some huge, are located. Unofficial estimates put the number of these wonders of nature at 40 half of which remain to be explored properly.

There is an urgent need for 'discovering' all the waterfalls which will help add to the number of getaways for lovers of natural landscapes from the relatively parched urban spaces. Also, the picturesque spots will throw open opportunities for researchers in the subjects of Archaeology and Geography.

There has been an improvement in road connectivity with many of the waterfalls in both districts which makes it easy for visitors. But, even those falls which are not well connected can serve the purpose of those who prefer a rush of adrenalin.

Visitors need to be cautious about the damaged roads and treacherous soil under their feet given the high-intensity rainfall this season. They also need to be extra careful while crossing flooded local streams as the rocks or the stream bed can be slippery.

In the light of the heavy rainfall, it will be ideal for visitors to come to the picturesque locales starting the last week of July. By then the now furiously inclined nature would hopefully have settled down to be its placid self.

Another thing to be careful about is the food and visitors would do better to carry their food, dry items that can last at least for two days as there are no eateries or food joints except at Kuntala waterfall. Here, the hotels cook veg and nonveg fare only on orders.


For the convenience of visitors, the main waterfalls can be divided into three clusters, each one requiring at least two days for a good time. Visitors need to start early and drive down to these locations, most of which are remotely situated, as the public transport here does not envisage connecting the places as a circuit.


This cluster includes the smaller Vastapur, Koratikal, Pochera, and Kankai waterfalls beside the huge Kuntala and Gayatri waterfalls. All of these are located just a few km on either side of the NH 44 after crossing Nirmal and towards Adilabad.

The visitors coming from Hyderabad on the NH 44 can first visit the Vastapur waterfall falling in Mamda Mandal of Nirmal district. They need to enter Tandra village on the right which is about 240 km from Hyderabad on NH 44 Nirmal bypass and take the 6 km road to the waterfall.

Vastapur waterfalls

Visitors can have a jolly dip in the small pond which forms at the foot of the falling water. But, care should be taken to prevent any slipping on the rocks.

Further down the highway, about 500 meters from Koratikal (B) village is the Koratikal fall which is small and can be seen from the high-level bridge itself. Just before the Rolmamda toll plaza, visitors can see a small yet beautiful Guthpala waterfall traveling just about 500 meters on the Rolmamda-Guthpala road.

Koratikal waterfalls

Visitors can go to Pochera waterfall which is about 8 km to the left from the Boath crossroad on NH 44 before returning a few km to Neredigonda Mandal head quarter on the same highway to take the left 12 km long road leading to Kuntala waterfall.

Pochera waterfall

The majestic Kuntala is known as the largest waterfall in Telangana State with a drop of 40 meters and a width of over 100 meters. During a heavy spell of rain, a huge quantum of water flows over the entire width of the fall through a normal cascade that is restricted to the left and right flanks of this wonder of nature.

Kuntala waterfall

The foot of the waterfall can be reached by climbing down 400 steps which become more tiresome on the return. The descent which brings the visitors face to face with the fall also reveals the valley through which the Kadem stream flows at a great speed.

Visitors must take due precaution while clicking photos or selfies at this spot. Scores have died here while taking photos.

Kuntala waterfalls

On day two visitors can go from Ichoda Mandal head quarter to the Kankai waterfall located in Bazarhatnoor Mandal. It is a series of waterfalls on the Kadem stream itself about 9 km from Ichoda, the last two being off the Ichoda-Bazarhatnoor road near Girnur.

Kankai waterfall

There will be enough time left for the visitors to reach the Gayatri waterfall, one of the largest in the area. Visitors can access it by reaching Mediguda Asham School from Ichoda on Sirchelma road.

Gayatri waterfall

Adventure sports at Gayatri waterfalls

From this spot, it is a 6 to 7 km drive on a gravel track that leads to the top of the waterfall. Unlike Kuntala there are no steps that lead to the foot of the fall but visitors need to rather dangerously climb down to it which is a little time-consuming.

Gayatri waterfalls

Those who can afford more time on this leg of their visit can go to Adilabad district head quarter and proceed towards the Khandala valley, about 25 km away on the Ankoli Tantoli road. There are smaller waterfalls like the Kopengidi and the unusually long cascade of water over the hills called Dharloddi situated near the village with the same name.


The smaller waterfalls in Adilabad are as different in visage as their number. The Gundam waterfall is Narnoor Mandal of Adilabad district is one such where water cascades over a gentle rocky incline while the black color of the rocks gives it a unique appearance.

Gundam waterfall

Gundala can be approached from either Adilabad or Utnoor and lies on the Narnoor-Lokari road. It is nearly 60 km from Adilabad and about 25 km from Utnoor.

The striking Saptagundalu or seven waterfalls in Sirpur (U) of KB Asifabad district form the second cluster of waterfalls. While five of the seven falls situated on the local stream near Pittaguda are too difficult to approach, the Mitte and Chinna Mitte can be accessed relatively easily.

These falls can be reached from Gondguda in Lingapur Mandal headquarter which is about 20 km from Jainoor. A two km walk on foot will first take the visitors to the extraordinarily beautiful Mitte and about 200 mtr downstream is located the Chinna Mitte.

Chinna Mitte waterfalls

There is one more approach way to the Mitte from Pittaguda but it remains closed for most of the rainy season owing to the local stream being spate. Therefore, the other route is preferable.


Visitors from Hyderabad need to reach Mancherial on the Hyderabad-Mancherial highway and proceed to different places to see the waterfalls in this cluster. The cluster consists of Gundala, Chintala Madara, and Babejhari waterfalls.

One of the most spectacular waterfalls is the Gundala in Tiryani Mandal of KB Asifabad district, its beauty only matched by its remoteness and difficulty in accessing it. This is considered to be the tallest of all such water bodies in Adilabad given the estimated 75 mtr drop.

Gundala waterfalls

The waterfall can be reached from Dandepalli Mandal headquarters in the Mancherial district traveling through hilly forests towards Tiryani. Of the 15 km road leading to the picturesque place, the last three need to be covered on foot and visitors need to take some risks on the rocks to find a suitable place to get a good view of the fall.

Tiryani Mandal has another smaller but equally scenic place in Chintala Madara waterfall which can be accessed from Asifabad. It is about 23 km from Asifabad on the Sungapur-Ginnedhari road.

Chintala Madara waterfalls

To reach the Babejhari waterfall either, visitors need to travel from Asifabad to Kerameri. This difficult-to-access fall is located in a valley across the local stream near Babejhari village which is midway on the famous Hatti-Jodeghat road.

Babejhari waterfalls

Like the Gayatri waterfall, this picturesque location has also been used for waterfall rappelling competitions, a part of adventure sports. The drop may not be as high as Gayatri falls but the sheer difficulty in getting a proper view is relished by adventure enthusiasts.

Babejhari waterfalls

Disclaimer: The distances are approximately calculated and could vary depending upon the routes which are usable by visitors.

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