Mahbubabad collector suspends official over negligence of Pattana Pragathi works

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  1 March 2020 3:02 PM GMT
Mahbubabad collector suspends official over negligence of Pattana Pragathi works

Mahbubabad: The state government’s prestigious Pattana Pragathi programme has been introduced to ensure that urban municipalities are clean and green. Ever since the launch of the programme on 21 February, all officials, politicians, and local ward committee members have been busy identifying works to be taken up to achieve the objectives of Pattana Pragathi. Ministers and collectors have been making surprise field visits to inspect the progress of the works. However, negligent officials still stand a hindrance to the progress of development works.

Collector of Mahbubabad district V.P Gautham has suspended an official who failed to fulfil his responsibilities. During a surprise visit to Idulapusapally in ward 1 of Mahbubabad municipality, the collector noticed garbage in open plots, unattended drainages, and poor greenery works in the area. When he questioned the officials about the situation, they said Karobar Srinivas was in charge of the area. However, Mr Srinivas failed to answer why works had not been taken up yet. Neither was he able to provide a plan of action under Pattana Pragathi. The collector was irate at the situation. The official wrote down some of the works to be taken up then and there and submitted it to the collector. But Mr Gautham tore up the paper and directed the officials to suspend Mr Srinivas immediately.

A video of the incident is going viral on social media and netizens have hailed Mr Gautham for being a people’s officer and being intolerant to negligent officials. He has already transferred a warden of a BC welfare hostel and issued a show-cause notice to a veterinary doctor for their negligence. Netizens say that because of his no-nonsense attitude the officials will discharge their duties properly.

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