Man along with family walk to Kodangal from Hyderabad amid Lockdown

By Anurag Mallick  Published on  27 March 2020 11:09 AM GMT
Man along with family walk to Kodangal from Hyderabad amid Lockdown

Hyderabad: As the nation-wide lockdown reached its 3rd day today, people were mostly seen obeying the rules set up by government and fearing the strict punishments by the police, were in their homes. Although, many people were seen trying to reach their hometown at any means as these 21 days will do no good to them without employment or any source of income. At the same time, as the government suspended all the public transport in order to avoid public gathering and to promote social distancing, people found different ways to travel back to their native place such as cycling and the hard way, walking.

In a similar case, Laxman and his family consisting two children decided to walk all the way to Kodangal, their hometown. As there is no transport facility amid the lockdown they chose walking, said Laxman. Kodangal is a mandal in Vikarabad district of Telangana.

Laxman and his family, with all the luggage were near the Ferozguda Bus stop in Hyderabad and were on their way to Kodangal. Speaking about the journey during the lockdown with his family, Laxman said, "We are going to Kodangal, which is 130 kms away from Hyderabad. All of us will go by walk. My four-year-old son Mohan, Two-year-old son Mallikarjun and my wife are going together and will reach Kodangal by the evening, tomorrow."

When asked about what they will eat, He said, "We have made some food at home before beginning the journey and will eat that."

The entire nation had a similar scenario as many people from various of the country decided to walk back to their native place amidst the nation-wide lockdown due to coronavirus. In a similar case, an old man from Warangal was walking his way to Mancherial as there was no means of public transport. Already half way done, the man said he would take rest at the nearby police station and again start his journey. He also says that this is the only way to reach home and he shall walk till Mancherial at any circumstances. He was seen walking besides a railway track with a bag in his hand which had water and some food to eat on the way. The most heartwarming thing that one could see in the video shot by a passing by stranger was the smile the man had on his face while speaking, despite of the age getting better of him. This shows the spirit that people carry and the amount of love and affection one has towards home and family.

A group of men also reached Rajasthan by walking from Hyderabad and term their journey as a tough but successful one along with the support from each other in the group.

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