The Hyderabad police on Tuesday, July 14th, thwarted yet another black marketing ring in Bakaram, Musheerabad, that had been involved in the illegal sale of oxygen cylinders.

Members of the Commissioner’s Task Force raided a shop named ‘Raas Agencies’ and apprehended one for the illegal sale of oxygen cylinders.

The 62-year-old accused Shaker Hussain had allegedly been involved in the illicit trade of the cylinders and had been selling it to COVID patients and their families, including the ones in home isolation, without any legal licence.

The police were able to seize 87 oxygen cylinders, out of which 84 were 50kg cylinders. The rest were smaller 14 kg cylinders.

The accused, Shaker, has been placed under arrest at the Musheerabad Police Station.

In the last week, the Hyderabad Police force conducted two other raids where illegally bought oxygen cylinders were seized. In the first raid by the Golconda police, 29 cylinders were seized. In the second one at Musheerabad’s Indira Nagar, the police raided and seized 19 cylinders that were being sold at an exorbitantly high price to COVID patients in need.

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