Ministers to commoners all in praise as Sonu Sood helps migrant workers

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  24 May 2020 5:04 AM GMT
Ministers to commoners all in praise as Sonu Sood helps migrant workers

Hyderabad: Bollywood actor, who has been now declared as a Messiah for migrant labourers, has sent around 750 migrant workers home from Mumbai under his ‘Ghar Bhejo’ intiative.

Appreciating his good work amid the Covid-19 pandemic, former actor and now textile minister and women and child development Smriti Irani took to Twitter. She replied to one of Sonu Sood’s post saying, “I’ve had the privilege of knowing you as a professional colleague for over 2 decades now @SonuSood & celebrated your rise as an actor; but the kindness you have displayed in these challenging times makes me prouder still. thank you for helping those in need. (sic)”

Not just Irani, even Maharashtra cabinet minister for irrigation and water resources and NCP leader Jayant Patil also took to Twitter to appreciate Sonu Sood’s good work. He wrote, “Sonu Sood is arranging buses for migrants who want to go back to their homes. He is trying to help as many migrants as he can. The onscreen villain is an inspiring hero in reality! God bless him.”

Meanwhile, Twitterati poured their love towards the actor by putting up various illustrations. One which went viral was of with Alia Bhatt.

The meme has crying Alia from her film Raazi saying that she wants to go home. The second picture is of Sonu with “Hum karte hain prabandh, aap chinta mat kijiye (We will make the arrangements, don’t worry),” written on it.

Sonu Sood also retweeted this meme. He also retweed another illustration made by his fan which shows him pushing the bus for migrants.

“You are tooooo kind brother. What I did is not an iota of what they did. I am just doing what my heart said and I promise this was the most special feeling I ever had. Our migrant brothers and sisters are the heartbeat of our country. We will make them reach their homes safely. (sic)”the actor tweeted.

Sonu’s friend Neeti Goel is also helping the actor. They both are talking permissions from the respected governments and spending money from their own pockets to arrange buses for migrant labourers.

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