MP Revanth Reddy seeks 4+4 security, submits petition to HC

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  28 Feb 2020 3:26 PM GMT
MP Revanth Reddy seeks 4+4 security, submits petition to HC

Hyderabad: The High Court of Telangana has accepted Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy's petition seeking 4+4 security. He currently has 2+2 security.

The MP felt there could be a threat to his life since he criticised Chief Minister KCR, the anti-public decisions of the Cabinet, and was also vocal about Rameshwara Rao, who is close to the CM, and his illegal activities. The petition stated that for these reasons he wanted 4+4 security. The petition was accepted for an inquiry by the court on 28 February.

Citing the reasons for his demand for better security, he said that since 2007 he has been a public representative both before and after the bifurcation of the state. He said he has supported the decisions that people have opposed. He said that after he was attacked in 2009, his security level was increased to 4+4 by the then government. But after the bifurcation, it was again reduced to 2+2.

Mr Revanth Reddy said that he not only has political but also personal rivalry with many people and he is fighting against the decisions taken under his leadership. He also said that he has filed PILs regarding the behaviour of TRS leaders, order to demolish the Secretariat, and land given to Rameshwara Rao. The petition also said that the KCR government held a grudge against him and the Chief Minister had warned in the Assembly that he will see his end by ordering a blue star operation against him. The MP also said that Rameshwara Rao has filed many cases against him and a few people were keeping a close watch on his family during the elections.

Earlier, he had asked the Central government to provide him security and had written to the ministry of Home affairs regarding the same. Since he didn't get any response, he had filed a petition in the High Court which had issued interim orders in 2016. Based on those orders, the then state government had provided him 4+4 security.

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