3 Hyderabad realtors showed dispute land and duped NRI Rs 20 Crore

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  2 Feb 2021 5:45 AM GMT
3 Hyderabad realtors showed dispute land and duped NRI Rs 20 Crore

Hyderabad: Central Crime Station, Hyderabad, has booked three men for duping an NRI to the tune of Rs 20 Crore. The trio fabricated land documents and sold ghost properties to the NRI. To add to the misery, one of the fraudsters is a long-standing friend of the victim.

Hailing from Hyderabad, 49-year-old Narra Aditya moved to New Jersey 25 years ago. He is a first-generation entrepreneur and the director of US Based Software Solution `Spectra Group' located in New Jersey.

The crime dates back to 2017 when Narra Aditya was approached by his friend Bommu Praveen, who mentioned a parcel of lands in Bachupally in Ranga Reddy district. The offer was assumed as a good investment plan for Aditya.

Trusting Bommu Praveen, an amount of Rs.10 Crore was transferred. This was the first exchange of money.

"Bommu Praveen later introduced realtor Gali Vinay Naidu who claimed to be a very influential and promised me a good parcel of lands at Narsingi. Another sum of Rs. 8.5 Crore payment was made through the Internet Banking. This dint stop, Praveen later introduced Shahid Ali Khan and claimed to own a large parcel of land in Madhapur of Hitech City in Hyderabad. Being a Tech based-entrepreneur, I considered this as a better opportunity for Investment and paid Rs.2.5 Crore. A total amounting to Rs. 22 Crore payment was done online" Aditya explained.

The realtor cum friend Praveen promised Aditya that in case the deal is not executed in 2 years from the date of payment, he will return the money with an interest. However, trouble surfaced when Aditya began asking for land documents. The trio backed off and started avoiding calls from Narra Aditya.

"I realized that I have been cheated by the three which made me fly down to Hyderabad in 2020 to file a case against Bommu Praveen. To my surprise, Praveen not only fabricated documents but also forged my signature. Also without my knowledge, he executed two GPAs and also filed them in Lok Adalat" Aditya said.

Central Crime station registered a case under section 420, 426, 466,467, 488, and 471 r/w of the Indian Penal Code. Cops arrested Bommu Praveen in December 2020, while accused Gali Vinay Naidu is absconding.

"Being NRI, we have our native land. We work in harsh environments and save money to make some investments in our native place. People like Bommu Praveen dupe us. I appeal to all my NRI Friends to invest money only after a proper background check of the person to whom you are giving money. Also, a proper check of the land or property should be made before buying" Aditya said.

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