Are you yet to dip in serene Yamuna waters?

By M Sridhar  Published on  5 Jan 2023 6:30 AM GMT
Are you yet to dip in serene Yamuna waters?

Tiruppavai 13

Tamil Paashuram

Pulllinvaay Keendanai-p-pollar Aarakkanai

Killikalaindhaanai-k-keerthimai Paadi-p-poi

Pillaikal Ellarum Pavai-k-kalam Pukkar

Velli Ezhundhu Vyazham Uzhangittru

Pullum Silambinakann Podhari Kanninaay!

Kullak-kulira-k-kudaindu Neeraadaadhe

Palli-k-kidatthiyo Paavay Nee Nannaallaal

Kallam Thavirndhu Kalandu-el or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 13

Splitting mouth of crane-Baka demon

Slitting ten heads of worst Raavanasura,

Raama and Krishna worshiped by teens,

Bright Shukra rose as dark Guru sets,

Lotus-bee-eyed lovely lady, See, birds chirping,

Are you yet to dip in serene Yamuna waters?

O beauty, still fast asleep on this divine day?

Give up Raama and get up to join us for Vrata.


Goda in this 13th song, is waking up eighth Gopika whose eyes are very beautiful like the bee sucking honey from lotus. Gopika thinks that her eyes can induce Krishna to her place. Hence, she is neither getting up nor going to Yamuna river to cool the pangs of separation from Krishna. This is conversation between them.

Goda: O beauty! Do not think that Krishna will come for your beauty of eyes. We need to go to Him.

Gopika: How can you say that it is early morning?

Goda: See, the bright Shukra is rising, and darkness of Guru is fading out.

Gopika: Any other evidence?

Goda: Birds are chirping and getting ready to go out to fetch food.

Chirping is a symbol of God-lover's morning praise of Vishnu. When many are sharing their association with others, do you want to enjoy alone? If you do that it is not fair, but hypocrisy!

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