Hyderabad: The Cyberabad commissioner of police, V.C Sajjanar, on 31 January, launched new body-worn cameras, electric scooters, and protective helmets to help the Cyberabad police carry out investigations and record crime effectively.

Mr. Sajjanar said, "Our aim is to eradicate crimes in the city. This is one of the reasons why we come up with improvised technologies that will support our staff. I urge each and every officer from Cyberabad to understand these technologies for its effective use and proper results."

The commissioner handed over six body-worn cameras to patrolling cars and motorcycles. This is the first time such GPS-enabled body-worn cameras are being used under a pilot project at the Raidurgam police station. These cameras have a 128 GB hard disk internal storage capacity. Other features include ultra HD video, IR night vision, remote real talk time, 4G/Wi-Fi/USB connectivity, and one-click photo and recording. They can also be used for live streaming. The cameras will be monitored from the command control centre.

Mr. Sajjanar launched new blue colts jackets and helmets. The news jackets are well designed to help sweating and suffocation. It is also designed to fit a tablet, man pack, and body-worn cameras. He also launched electric scooters that can run up to 90-120 km on a single charge for four hours. These vehicles will be given to women police officers.

The commissioner also inaugurated four new thermal printers that have been provided to four sector SIs. They can be used to book e-petty cases on the spot by generating challans against the respondents.

New devices launched by Cyberabad Commissioner VC Sajjanar:


• New jackets are well design to get over Sweating, Suffocation and for free flow of air. Designed to keep Tablet, Man Pack and Body worn cameras.

• Highly Protected Helmets.


• These Electric Scooters can run up to 90-120 KMs on single charge for 4 hours. Very easy to maintain and low cost.

• These vehicles will be given to Women Police Officers : Patrolling, Crime Prevention, Visible Policing, Community Policing for Senior Citizens, Community Felt need, CCTV Cameras Awareness Policing, Emergency Response on domestic violence and Eve teasing.


• 06 Body worn cameras are given to patrolling cars and motor cycles (BCs).

• This is the first time in law & order, these type of GPS positioning Body worn cameras are being used as a Pilot Project at Raidurgam Police Station. These Body Worn Cameras having 128 GB Hard Disk internal storge capacity.

• Ultra HD Video, IR Night Vision, Remote Real talk time, 4G/Wi-Fi/USB Connectivity, and one click photo and recording.

• It is very useful to take photos of scenes and other violations.

• Live streaming future also available.

• The cameras will be monitored from Command Control Centre.


• (04) Thermal printers are provided to 04 Sector SIs.

• They can book E-Petty cases on the spot by generating challans against the respondents.

• Due to which, the respondents can come to court to pay the penalties based on the generated ticket

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