Chirping sounds indicate to dawn

By M Sridhar  Published on  28 Dec 2022 5:30 AM GMT
Chirping sounds indicate to dawn

Tiruppavai – 6

Tamil Paashuram

Pullum Silambina Kaann Pull Araiyan Koyilil

Vellai Vili Sangin Peraravam Kettilaiyo

Pillaay! Ezhundhiray Peymulai Nanjundu

Kallla-ch-chagadam Kalakkazhiya-K-kaalochi

Velllaththu Aravil Thuyil Amarnda Vitthinai

Ulllathu Kkondu Munivargalum Yogikalum

Mellla Ezhundu Hari Enra Per-aravam

Ulllam Pugundu Kulirndhu-el or Empaavaai.

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 6

Wake-up calls of Chirping birds before dawn

Hear that sound of snow-white Conch from temple.

Young Girl, get up, Krishna who sucked poison and life of Pootana

Whose casual leg-move destroyed demon Sakata

Meditating of creation while on serpent in ocean,

in the mind and words of Yogi and Muni

gently rising up chanting Hari Hari

that resound with peace in the minds of girls.


The sky represents the spreading nature of Naaraayana Tatwam. In that sky birds fly with the help of two wings. Their chirping sounds indicate it is about to dawn. The winged bird symbolizes Aacharya who shows the path to disciples. One wing is Jnana – the knowledge, and the other, its practice. Without two wings none can fly.

Goda got up early to reach another young girl. She asked: "Are you not hearing the chirp of birds, are they not waking up all of us? Listen to the beckoning sound of the white conch Sanka from Temple of Vishnu who moves on Garuda, the king of birds. Vishnu is none other than Krishna, who as a baby sucked the poison, milk and life of Pootana too, who disguised herself as mother and when He casually moved his leg, the demon of Sakata has broken into pieces. He meditates upon the next creation while leaning on five hooded serpent – Adishesha, who is the cause of regeneration of Universe, who also resides in the minds and hearts of Yogis and Munis, who gently get up without disturbing the Vishnu residing in their heart, chanting "Hari…Hari". That Hari Chant is resounding in the minds of Girls of Vrepalle. In this Paashuram Andaal is showing the proofs of sunrise through chirps of birds, sound of Conch from temple, Hari Hari namam chanting by Munis and Yogis while getting up to tell others that it was dawn and time to get up.

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