Churning curds by staffs, can't you hear?

By M Sridhar  Published on  29 Dec 2022 2:54 PM GMT
Churning curds by staffs, cant you hear?

Tiruppavai -7

Tamil Paashuram

Keechu Keechu Endru Engum Aanaichathan Kalandhu

Pesina Pecharavam Kettilaiyo? Peypennnay!

Kasum Pirappum Kalakalappa-k-kai Perthu

Vaasanarum Kuzhal Aaychiyar Matthinal

Osaipaduttha Ththayir-aravam Kettilaiyo?

Nayaga Ppennppillaiy! Naaraayanan Moorthy

Kesavanai Ppadavvum Nee Kette kidatthiyo

Thesamudaiyai Thirav-el or Empaavaai.

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 7

As dozens of birds chirp together at dawn

O, crazy, listen to morning dialogues of Bharadwaja birds.

Hear the music of golden necklaces & bangles.

Of lovely hands; feel the fragrance of flowers of their hair

Churning curds by staffs, can't you hear?

O, the lady of Naaraayana, get up, to lead us.

To Keshava and to sing with us, His praise.

Awaken, open the doors & let us go, my girl.


Goda in this 7th song is waking up Kulasekhara Alwaar. She sang morning song for Periyaalwaar, her father in her 6thPaashuram, which embodied the Acharya Vandana "Asmat Guru Bhyonnama" (Namaskarm to my Gurus). In this song, Goda is saying "Asmat PaRaama Gurubhyonnamah". (Salutations to Guru of Gurus, ex:Kulasekhara)

Gopika at the doorstep indicate three points to convince the Gopika inside about the passage of night and beginning of dawn. In 6th Paashuram chirping of birds, Conch sound, chanting of Hari Hari by Yogis and Munis are the three sounds of the morning to be noticed. Birds render great service to the mankind by waking them up at right time with their sounds unknowingly. Sankha Naadam (sound of the Conch) tells us that it is time to pray to God. It is Omkaram, which links us to God, whereas the third sound is the chanting of Munis and Yogis which is the result of human effort.

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