Breathtaking: Godavari bridge becomes SCR's first concrete 1-km long channel with 100 kmph speed limit

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  27 July 2021 11:00 AM GMT
Breathtaking: Godavari bridge becomes SCRs first concrete 1-km long channel with 100 kmph speed limit

Hyderabad: South Central Railway (SCR) doubled the maximum permissible speed on the Godavari Bridge located between Manchiryal and Peddampet section to 100 kmph. This is the first time for SCR that a ballasted deck bridge of over one km length has been permitted to operate at 100 kmph.

The stretch between Manchiryal and Peddampet covering a distance of nine kms is located in the Golden Diagonal (Grand Trunk) route of Kazipet-Balharshah section, which is a gateway to the southern region of the country. Seven minor bridges are located within this critical stretch along with one important bridge of 1.2 kms length across river Godavari. This section is surrounded by several coal, cement, and thermal plants with separate line for their sidings/industries leading to heavy congestion.

In order to ease the congestion and also considering its importance, the third line had been successfully completed in 2018. Since then, the maximum permissible speed in the block section between Manchiryal-Peddampet was 80 kmph, while the maximum speed over the Godavari Bridge has been 50 kmph.

To double the speed on this major bridge, South Central Railways undertook major works like welding all long weld rails along the bridge, providing switch expansion joint on both sides of the bridge approaches, and strengthening the track formation by unloading of another 120 wagons of ballast, the SCR said in a press release. Accordingly, track recording cars and oscillation monitoring system tests were successfully conducted over the bridge to ensure no defects, it added.

SCR further said that the temporary speed restrictions along the third line between Manchiryal and Peddampet were also attended to and speed enhanced to 100 kmph over this section. "This is one of the crucial works carried out by the zone on the path of developing rail infrastructure and using of modern techniques in its system working. This will help in improved train operations in Kazipet-Balharshah section, which is a busy section with passenger and freight trains being operated at full capacity," SCR said.

Gajanan Mallya, the general manager of SCR, appreciated the efforts of the engineering team and said the enhancement of speed on such an important bridge will ease congestion in train operations besides helping rail passengers have a comfortable journey.

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