Hyderabad: With just a few days to go for the Huzurabad by-election, it is important to know the provisions that exist to report different violations like money distribution, liqour/drugs distribution, firearms display, intimidation, communal hate speech, paid news, freebies distribution, voters transportation, fake news, and property defacement. Now, cVIGIL app will let voters report such violations.

The cVIGIL app was initially introduced by the Election Commission India (ECI) in October 2018 in five states during the general Assembly elections to implement the model code of conduct to ensure free and fair elections.

Features of the app

Every cVIGIL case is acted upon and action taken in the 100-minute timeline. The app prioritizes speedy and effective actions by authorities.

The app urges every citizen within the election boundaries to report the model code of conduct or expenditure violations by taking photos, audio, and video using their mobile phones by signing into the application.

The app also allows citizens to complain anonymously, without revealing their identity.

cVIGIL has a geotagging feature that helps the authorities know the precise location of the incident with the help of the video or photo.

Not only does cVIGIL act as a potent decision support system tool for election machinery but also ensures the participation of the common man in conducting free and fair elections. During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, a whopping 99% of cases were resolved through the cVIGIL app.

Earlier, complaints about violations of the model code of conduct often could not be followed instantly, leading to the violators escaping detection from the action squads. With cVIGIL app, the enforcement machinery has been more efficient in taking appropriate action against violators.

The mobile app is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

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