In our clan, Krishna, the God of Gods

By M Sridhar  Published on  10 Jan 2023 12:30 PM GMT
In our clan, Krishna, the God of Gods


Tamil Pashuram

Ambaramay, Thanneeray, Soray, Aaram Seyyum

Emperumaan! Nandagopaala! Ezhundhiraai!

Kombanaar-k-kellam Kozhunday Kula Vilakkay

Emperumaatti! Yashodhaai! Arivuraai!

Ambaran Oodaruththu Ongi Ulagalandha

Umberkomanne! Urangaadhu Ezhundhiraai!

Semborkk-kazhaladi-ch-chelvaa! Baladeva!

Umbiyumneeyumurang-El or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 17

He, the giver of clothes, water and food,

O, Our Swami, please wake up Nanda

O, Swamini Yashoda! you are a bright star,

In our clan, Krishna, the God of Gods

Arise and awake, you grew up tearing the sky,

Measured the Universe: Get up soon,

Balarama, with golden anklet, along with

Brother Krishna, please wake up for us.


After waking up ten Gopikas and Aalwaars, Goda reached Nanda King's palace yesterday with five lakh Gopas and Gopikas, convinced the door keepers and entered. Unless you abandon ego and use wisdom (doors), you cannot gain entry at all. Then they peeped through the rooms to find where Krishna and Balarama were asleep. First, they saw Nanda, then Yashoda, after her, Krishna and at last, Balarama.

Father of Krishna, Nanda is a dear king of all people, because he gives clothes to clothe-less, water and food to the needy without expecting anything in return. King has a duty to provide for basic needs of the people. He donates and never denies.

Yashoda is compared with Prabbali plant, which grows on the banks of a stream. This tree has a capacity to bend when the stream swells and floods, and rise back after the flood cedes. Like a mother she is quite affectionate and helpful. She is the bright star of cowherd clan, and the mother of all. She is protecting little Krishna from the wrecked looks of demons. Both Yashoda and Nanda fear those destructive elements, who divide brothers, mother and son, create differences among the people to continue to rule etc. The demons like Kamsa-resort to kidnap and kill the children. Nanda and Yashoda are always worried about Krishna and Balarama because the demons were ruling.

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