In your backyard pond, red lotuses

By M Sridhar  Published on  6 Jan 2023 6:30 AM GMT
In your backyard pond, red lotuses

Tiruppavai - 14

Tamil Paashuram

Ungal Puzhai-k-kadai-th-thottathu Vaaviyul

Sengazhuneer Vaai Negizhndhu Ambal Vaai koombinakaan

Sengalpodi-k-koorai Vennpal Thavathavar

Thangal Thirukkoil Sangiduvaan Poginraar

Engalai Munnam Ezhuppuvaan Vaai Pesum

Nangaai! Ezhundiraai! Naanaadai! Naavudayai!

Sangodu Chakkaram Endu Thadakkaiyan

Pangaya-k-kannanai-p-paadu-el or empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 14

In your backyard pond, red lotuses

Blossomed and black lilies closed,

Sages with white teeth wearing clothes,

Brick red in color, are going to temples to

Blow the sound of the conches,

In sweet words you promised to wake us up,

But breached, Shameless, O matured lady, Awake,

To worship Lotus eyed Vishnu, holding Conch and the Discus


In this 14th song, Goda is waking up the ninth Gopika and Tiruppani Alwar. Acharya prayed to in this song is "Srimannatha Munaye Namah".

The previous day this Gopika promised to wake all others up, but she was still sleeping. The red lotuses in the pond of your backyard are blossoming and black lillies (Nalla Kaluva) which open during the night are closing as the Sun rose. The ascetics with saffron robes and shining white teeth are on their way to the temple to blow the Conch. Oh clever speaking girl, please wake up, let us sing the praise of the Lord who is holding the Conch and the Chakra in His hands and who has such lotus-like eyes and worship him.

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