Let us sing His names thousands of times

By M Sridhar  Published on  31 Dec 2022 9:30 AM GMT
Let us sing His names thousands of times

Tiruppavai- 9

Tamil Paashuram

Thoomani Madathu Chchutrum Vilakkeriya

Dhoopam Kamazha Thuyil Anai Mel Kann Valarum

Maaman Magale Manikkadavam Thal Thiravaay

Mameer Avalai-ezhuppeero? Un Magal Than

Oomaiyo! Andri-ch-chevido! Anandalo!

Ema-p-perm Thuyil Mandira-p-pattalo

Mamayan Madhavan Vaikuntan Endrendru

Naamam Palavum Navindr-el or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 9

In a diamond studded palace & amidst bright lamps

And fragrance of Dhoopa, sleeping on a soft bed,

Oh, Uncle's daughter unlock and open the Bells hanging Doors

Oh Aunt, why don't you wake up your daughter?

Is she dumb, or deaf or sleepy on silky bed?

Or is she in slumber caused by any magic spell?

Mysterious Madhava, Vaikunthesha –Come,

let us sing His names thousands of times.


That is a palace decorated with nine kinds of Jewels (Nava Ratna), glowing with bright lamps. Goda connects some relation to them and calls her as the daughter of her uncle (Maradalu -Telugu expression, Maaman magane =Tamil Expression). She is in deep slumber on a very soft bed amidst the fragrance of Sugandha Dhoopa incense sticks. Yet, she is not waking up. Then she requests her mother: Oh Aunt, at least you may wake her up. Unlock the precious stone-studded, bell hanging door so that she joins us to perform Sri Vrata or Sri Nomu or Tiruppavai.

The precious stone-decked palace referred here indicates that it is complete and devoid of any defect. Nava Ratnas indicate purification. The body called palace will lose its brilliance because of many worldly bonds. If a man progresses and matures, he will get rid of action-based consequences and becomes brighter. Nava Ratnas represent Nava dwara or Nava Randhras of body (nine apertures of the body). If one can drive out impurities, he would shine.

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