Lotus eyed young cub of mother Yashoda

By M Sridhar  Published on  17 Dec 2022 9:14 AM GMT
Lotus eyed young cub of mother Yashoda


Tamil Paashuram

Margazhi Thingalmadi Nirainda Nannalal

Niradapoduvir, Podumino Nerizhaiyeer

Seermalgum Aayppadi Selva Chirumeergal

Koorvel Kodum Thozhilam Nandagopan Kumaran

Er Arndha Kannni Yasodhai Ilansingam

Karmenichengann Kadir Madiyam pol Mugathan

Naaraayanane Namakke Parai Tharuvan

Parorpugazha Ppadintdul-el or empaavaai.

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem

Nature shines in the moonlight of Margazhi month

Come, dear friends let us bathe before the Sunrise

O Team of enriched and enlightened devotees of our rich village

Where Nanda wields protective spear for his son,

Lotus eyed young cub of mother Yashoda

His resplendent face with eyes shining like the Sun and Moon.

Aiming to reach ultimate Lord Naaraayana

Let us commission the mission together.


It was nice time for starting any Vrata. On the earth the nature is beautiful. Even God likes to come down and enjoy the breeze on the banks of Yamuna in Brindavan. Sri Villiputtur is also transformed into Brindavan in her dreams. The quantum of one year in our world is just a day for the angels (Devathas) in a different world. Dakshinayanam (Sun swerving to south – July to January) is the night for them and Uttarayanam (Sun tilting to north – from January to July) is the day. Even as the Sun tilts from southern route to the northern side, the month Marga Sheersha greets us. It is counted as the pre-dawn hour. Serene morning with fresh breeze of air and light that inspires fresh ideas and brings smiles on faces. The time is conducive for prayers and mediation. Let us all go to the river for holy bathing. When we sing in praise of Krishna and remember his good deeds, all our evils get washed off. That is real sanctification of us. This mission is our Deeksha. This Vrata is for the Supreme Soul-- PaRaamaatma. Serene nature of our village reminds us of Vrepalle, where the spear-wielding King Nanda stands to protect his son Krishna to ward off the sudden attacks of demons sent by Kamsa. Let us all become Gopas and Gopikaas. The Bhagawan Naaraayana descended amongst us to elevate our lives and thoughts. He came to be with us like a simple innocent cowherd. Krishna, the cub in the lap of Yashoda, shines like a generous cloud and rains blessings. Naaraayana is both the means and destination. He is the Vrata and purpose of the Vrata. He is the tool and route to reach Him. Let the mission to reach Him begin in universally acceptable way. Let everyone recognize it. Come let us go and invoke Him asking for an instrument of music to sing in His praise.

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