`Miracles do happen': 110 YO man recovers from COVID at Hyderabad's Gandhi Hospital

A 110-year-old has probably become one of the oldest COVID patients in the world to have miraculously recovered.

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  12 May 2021 5:00 PM GMT
`Miracles do happen: 110 YO man recovers from COVID at Hyderabads Gandhi Hospital

Hyderabad: Hyderabad: A 110-year-old homeless man has probably become one of the oldest COVID patients in the world to have miraculously recovered.

Identified as Ramananda Teertha, he was admitted to Telangana's Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad on April 24 with low saturation levels. Doctors took it on themselves to ensure he survives. He was put on oxygen support immediately. Eighteen days on, Ramananda Teertha recovered from COVID. Currently, his saturation level is between 92- 97 without oxygen support.

But how did the man get to Gandhi Hospital in the first place?

Ramananda was residing in an old-age home at Keesara on the city outskirts. After he developed complications, the home caretakers shifted him to Gandhi hospital. At the time of admission, he was already down with pneumonia.

Eight years ago, Ramananda met with a road accident and was admitted to Gandhi Hospital. During his stay, he became friends with senior gynecologist Dr. Anupama. After he narrated his story, the gynecologist decided to support him.

"The man is not disclosing details of his family members. From the little we know, he lived in the Himalayas for years, later in Bengaluru, and now residing at a temple in Keesara. It was through Dr. Anupama's (now retired) reference, he was brought to Gandhi Hospital for COVID treatment. When asked about his family, the man says he has none," Dr. Prabhakar Reddy, one of the senior doctors at Gandhi told NewsMeter.

After taking treatment for 20 days, he recovered from Covid and was discharged. It is learnt that since he has no family members, the hospital authorities provided him accommodation on the 7th floor at Gandhi hospital, where he is being taken care of by the staff.

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