Naaraayana's crown is decorated with Tulasi garlands

By M Sridhar  Published on  1 Jan 2023 5:30 AM GMT
Naaraayanas crown is decorated with Tulasi garlands

Tiruppavai – 10

Tamil Paashuram

Nottrusuvargam Pugugindra Ammanay

Mattramum Thaaroro? Vassal Thiravadhaar

Nattra Thuzhay Mudi Naaraayanan Nammaal

Pottra-p-parai Tharum Punniyanaal Pandorunaal

Kootrathin Vaay Veezhnda Kumbakarnanum

Thottram Unakke Perum Thuyilthan Thandaano

Aattra Anandhal Udayaiy! Arungalame

Thettraamaiy Vandhu Thira-el or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 10

Enjoying Paradise after devotional Nomu (vow)

Speak at least one word, Amma, open the door

Naaraayana' crown is decorated with Tulasi garlands

He inspires us to sing in his praise & grants Parai

Has dying Kumbhakarna gifted sleep to you?

Do not slip in post-sleep-effect, step out cautiously.

Slowly Get up from slumber, you are a jewel.

Open the door and join us for our Nomu, dear.


In this tenth song Goda is awakening and inviting 5th Gopika to join this thirty-day Worship -Nomu) Oh dear girl, a jewel amongst the devotees, perhaps you are enjoying deep sleep, right, if not opening the door, at least respond. Naaraayana, has Tulasi strings on His crown. He inspires us to sing Pallaandu (Mangalasanam) and grants Parai, a music instrument, and higher lokas. He is embodiment of righteousness. Has Kumbhakarna when he courted death at the hands of Lord Raama, handed over his sleep to you? Please shed your sleepy mood, do not trip from steps, be cautious, wake up and slowly come over here; open the door to meet us. Let us join the Nomu.

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