Hyderabad: World's longest cycle journey of 22,123.15 km undertaken by Narpat Singh Rajpurohit Langera has reached Palmaner in Andhra Pradesh.

The 34-year-old record-holding cyclist from Barmer, Rajasthan widely known as 'Greenman' has already covered 15 states and 4 union territories in his journey.

Greenman has to travel another 10,000 km crossing seven states to complete his target of 31,000 km.

Greenman has 38 stitches on one of his legs and is 10% disabled. Hard to believe, right? But nothing could let down his sheer determination and spirit to pursue his goal.

En route, Greenman engages with rural folk and urges them to preserve the environment. "I plant trees in the villages that I visit. Also, I meet the local people as well as the social workers there to plan the course of environmental protection in that particular village," says Greenman.

Greenman fondly remembers his days at Manas. "I enjoyed the days I spent in the villages of Manas. I happened to visit some schools there. The students and the teachers were so welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I had there," he adds.

Greenman has also saved the lives of many birds and wild animals including deer, chikara, peacock, falcon, nilgai, jackal, and so on in the course of his journeys. "Whenever I find wild birds or animals injured, I immediately inform the officials and cooperate with the forest department for its treatment in private hospitals," says Greenman.

Efforts in his village, Barmer

During summer, Greenman spends his own money to arrange water tanks for his village. "Usually, I have to set up 4-5 tanks per month," he says.

Another interesting initiative that he started is giving saplings as dowry for weddings. In Rajasthan, the dowry system is very prevalent. As a result, cases of harassing women are also high.

"I encourage all my brothers and sisters to give saplings as dowry. I gave 251 saplings to my sister Meena as dowry and 151 saplings to my niece Harishankar," he says.

He also provides saplings free of cost.

In 2020, Greenman won the Golden Book of World Records for completing the longest journey by bicycle in a year. From January 27, 2019, to January 27, 2020, he covered 18,202.24 km and traveled to eleven states in India to spread the message of environmental protection.

Besides environmental protection, the cycle journey organized by India Foundation aims to explore opportunities for self-employment and rural industries with the participation of migrants settled in different states.

Nimisha S Pradeep

Hailing from Palakkad, Kerala, Nimisha completed her MA in Communication (with a specialization in Print and New Media) from the University of Hyderabad. She has interned with The Hindu Metroplus, Chennai and The Sentinel, Assam. She was a fellow of the NFI Fellowship for Independent Journalists in 2021. In 2015, she attended the Jenesys Student Exchange Programme in Japan. She firmly believes in the power of words and the impact it can make on society. She looks forward to using her career in journalism to voice the issues of minorities. Her interest areas include gender, women and society. She pursues travel, photography, and music in her leisure time.

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