Ram destroyed Lanka and Ravan for abducting Sita

By M Sridhar  Published on  2 Jan 2023 11:09 AM GMT
Ram destroyed Lanka and Ravan for abducting Sita

Tiruppavai 12

Tamil Paashuram

Kanaithu ilam Katrerumai Kanrukk Irangi

NinaitthuMmulai Vazhiye Nindru Paal Sora

Nanaitth Illam serarkkum Narchelvan Thangay

Panitthalai Veezha Nin Vasar Kadai Pattri

Sinathinaal Thenn ilangai-k-komanai-ch-chettra

Manatthukkiniyanai Paadavum Nee Vaay Thiravaay

Initthan Ezhunthiraay Eedhenna Perurakkam

Anaithu Illaththuaarum Arindh-el or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 12

Thinking about absent calves, the mother cows

Releasing flows of milk flooding the floors

Your brother is serving Krishna, skipping chores,

We are holding your door frame, but no word from you,

Ram destroyed Lanka and Ravan for abducting Sita,

Though we all sing for Raama, you are unmoved and dumb,

All in Vrepalle knew about your deep sleep habbit,

O dear wake up and Join us for Sri Nomu.


The mother cows are showering streams of milk, imagining their loved ones unasked and the floors are flooded with overflowing milk. It shows abundance of compassion of cows for their calves. The 7th Girl (Gopika) is the sister of a devotee, who ignores his daily chores totally, including milking of cows and immersed in serving Krishna. He belongs to a class of devotees who does all karmas for Krishna only and no other work for him. As he is fully immersed in service of Krishna, he forgot or skipped the daily duty of milking cows. Imagining calves suckling, the mother cows flooded the floor with milk. It refers to the mother's love, Acharya's commitment and Bhagavan's unconditional affection, extended without kids/disciples asking for it.

They are like Lakshman, who does not bother about his personal requirements and family, but thinks only of serving Raama which itself is the real devotion.

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