A 28-year-old youth from Vijayawada has embarked on a journey to make the city a plastic-free zone.

Holding a Master's in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability from RMIT, Melbourne, he returned to the city and started a SuP-Eco App.

Through this Eco-app, Yashwanth is trying to make society understand the need for shifting to sustainable products for a better future.

Making things a little tricky and getting the pulse of the people, this youngster rewards eco-coins to those people who are using sustainable products, and those coins can be redeemed to buy eco-friendly products.

"We are living in a self-centric society, where many of them are selfish. In a city like Vijayawada, it is quite challenging to change the mindset of people into using sustainable products, but there has been a great change within many communities. Now, we are now collaborating with Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) to have more reach and connect with eco-friendly users", said Yashwanth.

How to be part of SuP-Eco?

If you are using a cloth bag, carrying your own water bottle, or even using public transport, take a photograph and upload it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging SuP-Eco.

The individual has to install the App, after which they will be rewarded with eco-coins which can be later used to buy eco-friendly products. "We have been interacting with college students, conducting awareness activities among the communities to spread a word on a sustainable way of living. We have also planned to take a step further by connecting with people in Bangalore/ Delhi where there is more need for sustainable living", Yashwanth said.

Check out their Instagram profile here to know more about their app.

Sri Lakshmi Muttevi

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