Data:Telangana police receives 224 calls per day on domestic violence in November, 2020

By Newsmeter Network  Published on  11 Dec 2020 1:00 PM GMT
Data:Telangana police receives 224 calls per day on domestic violence in November, 2020

Hyderabad: In a startling revelation, for the month of November 2020 the 'Dial 100' service of the Telangana State Police received 224 domestic violence complaints per day. This is the highest among the different categories under offences against women.

According to the data put out by the Telangana police, for November alone the Dail 100 service received 6714 calls which amounts to 52.28 % (i.e 224 per day) on cases related to domestic violence, followed by second highest 4930 calls (38. 39 %) pertaining to assault on women. While the rest are complaints of cyber crime/ black mail, eve teasing, dowry harassment, child marriage, attempt to rape and social website concerns.

It is pertinent to note that, 12% of cases in Dial 100 are of offences against women. And average offences against women Per day stands at 450 cases. Statistics also concludes that in the year 2020 so far the Dail 100 received 1.60 L calls regarding offences against women of which 90,000 were regarding domestic violence.

The state's dial 100 service was launched in April 2013, a year before Telangana was carved out. The facility comprises of 30 seat call center which operates 24X7 , 365 days, as claimed.

However what tops the Dial 100 chart is calls regarding bodily offences. In November the emergency helpline was flooded with 10785 calls seeking medical emergency (I.e 674 calls per day , 22. 05 % of the total received)

Calls complaining of nuisance which includes noise pollution amounts to 14.25 % of the total( i.e 436 calls per day – amounting to 13065 in the month). Followed by medical emergency calls, that is 360 per day.

The Dial 100 services is Integrated with existing 108 and 181 and also Common Emergency Response Services for GHMC, Electricity board and Water board for GHMC Area.

Statistics of Emergencies received via Dial 100 between June 2014 and November 2020

1. Accidents – 17.91 %

2. Acts disrupting pubic peace- 0.05 %

3. Bodily offences- 21.63 %

4. Election issues – 0.52 %

5. Nuisance – 15.44 %

6. Offence against women – 11.67 %

7. Other offences – 25.48%

8. Property offences-3.50 %

9. Suicide-3.79 %

Dial-100 – November 2020

1.Average of IVRS processed calls per day– 39,482 calls

2. Average calls answered per day post IVRS – 4,318 calls

3. Total calls answered per month –1,29,540 calls

4. Average Emergencies calls per day –3,289 calls

5.Total Emergencies Handled per month 98653– calls

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