Hyderabad: Warangal: Warangal has a higher rate of male infertility than Hyderabad and eight out of ten patients have problems due to low sperm count or other male fertility-related problems, said experts at Androlife, a first-of-its-kind chain of male fertility clinics by Oasis Fertility.

The reasons for deficiency of mature sperm can be diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, physical damage and hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction. The rate of infertility has increased drastically in India. Delaying childbearing, lifestyle changes, obesity, lack of exercise, smoking, and use of gadgets are the major reasons for fertility issues in both men and women. Due to lack of awareness about advanced fertility treatments, people facing problems in conceiving don't seek medical intervention.

Androlife was started with the aim to address the problems of male infertility. "We spoke to the government about the unique problems of this region, suggested demographic studies to find out the reasons for men in this region suffering from sperm production problems. To address this region-specific problem, we are setting up a dedicated male infertility clinic, Androlife Clinic," Dr. Krishna Chaitanya Mantravadi, the scientific head and clinical embryologist, Oasis Fertility, said.

Dr. Krishna added, "When it comes to IVF treatment, we select only the best embryos for implantation and this is possible because of PGT and EWS (Electronic Witnessing System), the hi-tech technology we have in place that rules out any mismatch and amplifies success rates."

Earlier, men suffering from Azoospermia or sperm production problem only had two options - child adoption or seeking donor sperms. But now there are advanced surgical techniques like testical sperm aspiration for such issues, the doctor further said. So far, the clinic has performed 18 microscopic testicular biopsies in Warangal.

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