We came purified and to sing awakening songs

By M Sridhar  Published on  8 Jan 2023 12:30 PM GMT
We came purified and to sing awakening songs

Tiruppavai – 16

Tamil Pashuram

Naayaganaininra Nandagopanudaya

Koil Kaappaane! Kodi Thonrum Thorana

Vaayilkaappaane! Mani-k-kadavamthal Thiravaai

Aayar Sirumiyaromukku Araiparai

Maayan Manivannan, Nennalevaai Nerandhaan!

Thooyomaai Vandhom, Thuyilezha-Ppaaduvaan

Vaayal Munnam Munnam Maatraadhe Amma! Nee

Neyanilai-kkadhavam Neeku-el or Empaavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 16

The leader of the leaders, Nanda's

Palace with flags and Toranas secured by you,

Open the doors studded with precious stones,

Leela Krishna, Mani Varnan promised us-

Gopala, Gopis, to give the Parai, a tool to reach God

We came purified and to sing awakening songs

O Dwara Palaka, don't say "no" even before, Kindly

Open this temple filled with love for Shri Krishna.


After awakening 10 Aalwars and 10 Leader-Gopikas, Goda takes 5 lakh Gopa and Gopis, (male and female) to the Palace of the Nanda Raja, father of Sri Krishna. It is well-decorated. In Nandavraja everyone is very rich with similarly designed palaces in Vrepalle village. To make a distinction Krishna got his father's Palace decorated with Torana (festoon) and Garuda Dwaja. Those doors are very attractive and shining with precious stones. Building itself is imposing and once you reach the main gate and doors, it is bright with lights and attractive designs.

Goda awakened divine Jnanies, ten Aalwaars and leading-Gopikas with greater qualities and expertise. Father of Sri Krishna – Nanda has to open the doors. Nanda is lucky that Paramatma resides not only in his heart but also physically in his palace. He was worried about securing Little Krishna from the demons assigned to end him by Kamsa, the Ruler of Madhura. Acharyas also do this. Teacher protects and showers affection on disciples. Acharya has to generously permit us to realize the path of liberation.

Goda is leading all five lakh Jeevas of Vrepalle. She could recognize the Nanda Gopa's Bhawan with Garuda Dhwaja, the flag with design of Vishnu's vehicle -Eagle. Door keepers have to check visitors for security like examining identity and purpose of visit. They are presenting their credentials and pleading for opening of the doors.

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