Where fishes flourish with joy in farm-waters

By M Sridhar  Published on  19 Dec 2022 12:35 PM GMT
Where fishes flourish with joy in farm-waters

Tiruppavai -3

Tamil Paashuram

Ongi Ulagalandha Utthaman Per Paadi

Naangall Nampavaikku Chaattri Neeradinal

Theengindri Nadellam Thingal Mummaripeydhu

Ongu Perum Sennnelloodu Kayalugala

Poonkuvalai-p-podil Porivandu Kannpaduppa

Thengathe Pukkirindhu Seertha Mulai Pattri

Vaanga-k-kudam Niraikkum Vallall Perum Pasukkal

Neengade Selvam Niraindhu-el-or em Paavaai

Madabhushi Sridhar's English Poem 3

Sing of the dwarf who grew to measure the Universe.

As holy bath cleanses the heart to intensify the prayer.

Three rains a month to raise the wealth of crops.

Where fishes flourish with joy in farm-waters, and

Where bees doze within the folds of white lotuses

Grown up and healthy cows in herds are ready and

Generous enough to splash the streams of milk filling the pots

Wealth unlimited greets all of us, come & join my girls.


This poem refers to Raama and Krishna, besides explaining the power of Vaamana. Mantras might have stringent restrictions for chanting. But singing the name of God is easy and free from all limitations. Anybody at any time can spell His name. Gopikaas were asked to come and bathe in early hours with chanting of Naarayana Naamam. It will relieve them from pangs of separation from Sri Krishna. Once you get into it there is no dearth for anything, says Goda.

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